Famous nightclubs in two different continents have all seen upgrades to their sound systems courtesy of Funktion-One.

Cielo and Output in New York, Beta in Denver and Berghain in Berlin have all been upgraded, with the company claiming that the new system will ‘take product performance to new levels.’

The upgrade comes after an intensive period of R&D for Funktion-One.

Company founder, Tony Andrews, reveals: “Funktion-One’s continuous quest for fidelity has led to a breakthrough in cone stabilisation, almost eliminating diaphragm breakup and its associated non-linear acoustic behaviour.”

All of the nightclubs involved in the system upgrade say that audio quality is at the heart of what they do.

The owner of Cielo and Output, Nicolas Matar, comments: “Output and Cielo are 100% driven by audio quality and are renown worldwide as such.”

While Beta’s executive director of operations and production, Michael McCray, adds: “The audio system was the first decision we made – before the venue or name.

“The music and the sound were the number one priority – it is everything about our personality. We provide an upscale classy interior, with an amazing staff and all of the benefits of a world-class club.

“But if you ask our guests what element gave them the biggest enjoyment on a given evening, they will talk about the sound and the music first.”

All the nightclubs could not continue relying on their existing music systems however, explains Nicolas.

“I’ve been collaborating with Funktion-One for 12 years now. It’s truly been a labour of love and our relationship gets stronger by the day.

“Cielo was the first Funktion-One club in North America, 12 years ago. It has served as a showcase club for Funktion-One. We have tested and developed numerous products together over the years.”

Michael adds: “The product performance speaks for itself, however, there is always the need for support in the pro audio world.

“Funktion-One has always been helpful when we need it, but they are also proactive about maintaining their products’ performance in the field.

“This shows a pride in their work and their clients’ venues. It’s a level of service not commonly found in the pro audio world.”

The upgrade has been applied to a variety of Funktion-One loudspeaker models at the venues in question.

Tony Andrews visited each of the venues to personally deliver the improvements: “We were able to carry out these upgrades, which are the subject of a fresh patent application, to some of the high profile US club installations – Output and Cielo in New York and Beta in Denver – and to Berghain in Germany.

“The sonic result is outstanding and has taken the Funktion-One sound to a new level, particularly in the vocal range.”

Berghain’s technical director, Krischan Makswitat, has also warmly received the upgrades, he recalls: “After the first club night on the main floor and especially after the 10th anniversary concert, we received ecstatic feedback from FOH technicians, guests and employees.”

Berghain also upgraded its monitoring system – bringing in Funktion-One PSM318s to replace the old set-up.

So how did the system perform? Beta’s Michael McCray says: “The combination of the upgrades and a very special visit from Tony Andrews to tune the system has resulted in a noticeable difference.

“The midrange has clearer, more defined detail. Our employees were the first to comment on it, however, the guests are really appreciating the enhancements made last month.

“It was fortunate that we were able to receive the upgrades, and the visit from Tony himself. This really shows the level of commitment from the company, which ultimately benefits the people coming in and the business itself.”

While Output and Cielo’s Nicolas Matar adds: “I thought that our sound systems couldn’t possibly be improved before the upgrade – I was wrong. The clarity of the mids and highs has been taken to an unprecedented level.”

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