NETGEAR has announced the expansion of its new series of IP switches designed and purpose built for the growing audio and video over IP (AV-over-IP) market. Dubbed the AV Line, these products combine years of networking expertise with best practices from experts in the professional AV market.

NETGEAR leads the industry with AV specific configuration presets that dramatically simplify deployment of AV networks. The NETGEARÒ IGMP Plus functionality along with new Auto-LAG and Auto-Trunk features allow Pro AV installers to connect multiple M4250 switches together seamlessly without compromising audio and video signal quality and integrity. Removing complex configuration tasks enables the installer to focus on other important aspects of an AV install job, saving both time and money.

NETGEAR has pioneered IP switches that address the specific needs of the Pro AV industry by closely collaborating with professional audio-visual installers to better understand the unique challenges they face with AV deployments,” says Patrick Lo, Chairman and CEO of NETGEAR. “Out-of-the-box AV functionality, AV configuration presets, an AV friendly user interface design, and large PoE budgets make NETGEAR’s AV Line the industry’s most comprehensive offering of network switches for AV-over-IP.”

Pro AV installers no longer need to compromise the usability of their AV network with complex switch settings that are not AV-friendly and commands that are typical of switches that were designed for an IT network as opposed to an AV network. The new AV interface of the M4250 switch presents the common AV controls with user-selectable profiles up front, making it a snap to ensure the settings are correct for specific audio or video applications.

The M4250 switches are designed for clean integration with traditional rack-mounted AV equipment.  The sleek, black enclosure provides port and activity status on the front panel, with all power and network cabling neatly organised on the rear panel. The M4250 switches can also be reverse mounted in an AV rack if that is what an installer prefers. Additional options for mounting the switch outside a rack, such as VESA mounts, are also available. The M4250 switches come with pre-drilled universal threaded holes located on the bottom and the front of each switch.

The AV Line of M4250 switches maintains the same out-of-the-box AV friendly functionality found on the popular M4300 and M4500 switches for the industry’s most popular AV-over-IP encoders and decoders. As such, deploying multicast AV over IP networks with the M4250 switches is a simple plug in and turn on operation.

Pro AV installers can take advantage of free design services offered by NETGEAR’s Pro AV Engineering Services team that comprises AV over IP experts located strategically around the world to enable rapid turnaround to installer requests.

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