A new range of large format displays for meeting room, conferencing and digital signage applications have hit the market from NEC Display Solutions Europe. Dubbed the MultiSync C Series, these displays are packed with Ultra HD resolution and large screen sizes.

The new large format displays are designed for modern office and shop environments with controlled ambient light levels. Available in three sizes, 75in, 86in and 98in, each model is designed in ultra-minimalist style to allow them to blend into their environment. What’s more, all of the screens in the range can be oriented either portrait or landscape.

The displays feature professional haze levels to ensure the best possible visibility while eliminating disturbing reflections, while brightness levels of up to 350 cd/m2 ensure that the screens are viewable in all conditions.

All models of the C Series feature NEC’s Open Modular intelligence (OMi) platform, which provides a smart and seamless connection between source and display. The technology is designed to simplify device installation, usage and maintenance, and should make it quick and easy to upgrade the devices when used for digital signage and other applications. Thanks to OMi, devices can also integrate with other NEC devices based on its Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), including Slot-in PCs, Raspberry Pi Compute Modules, Media players or signal interfaces for content feed and computing.

Erik Elbert, Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe, notes, “We believe that displays should be part of the ambient environment, unobtrusive when switched off but totally immersive when in use. The new MultiSync C Series is designed to meet the demand for large-format displays across a range of applications, including offices, meeting rooms and conferencing spaces as well as retail signage use, where users want stunning visuals combined with quick and easy set-up, and simplicity of use.

“We’ve built our new family of displays with these principles in mind, and the result is a series of devices with slim bezels and a design that fits perfectly into any interior design. Meanwhile, functions such as ‘wake up on connection’ ensure that meetings are more efficient, with no waiting around while the display switches on. As a result, presenters can feel confident that they have technology that will not let them down in meetings and conferences, while owners can enjoy the best levels of reliability combined with low lifetime cost of ownership.”

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