Center Parcs recently decided to enlist the help of MVS to install a projector system at its Woburn Forest holiday park.

As well as being a popular destination for holiday makers, Woburn Forest is often used by companies wanting conference space.

It is the first Center Parcs location to offer dedicated space for corporate clients, but the space, dubbed ‘The Venue’, was lacking a robust projection system.

MVS had already worked with Center Parcs in other locations, including Longleat Forest, Elveden Forest and Sherwood Forest; so the two companies were already well acquainted.

When it came to installing the projector system, MVS had a wealth of choices; although it eventually settled on Panasonic’s lamp-less projectors; the PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ670.

CE Pro Europe caught up with MVS’ service manager, Alistair Maher, to get more information about the project and what struggles the company faced.

Why were the Panasonic projectors chosen considered to be the most suitable for this install?

Center Parcs were looking for a professional projector with a high ANSI lumen, but more importantly they wanted a lamp-less technology to limit maintenance due to the high ceilings making it difficult for repairs. 

We priced some alternative solutions including traditional Optoma projectors and also Christie lamp-less but the client preferred to use the Panasonic; an agreement may have been struck between the two companies.

Was there anything unusual about this project?

Nothing out of the ordinary. 

The site had very high ceilings, measuring 4m, and this was a finished site (an afterthought after building the new Holiday Village), therefore we had some tight cable runs above the ceiling and had to make good any access holes etc.

The larger projectors (four in total) would also be used as 2×2 simultaneous screens and therefore have a separate input plate and video distribution to enable simultaneous content.

The timescale was restricted; we had under a week to install the system as the venue was already being hired out for conferences and we had to find an install slot when the venue was not-in-use.

What particular challenges did the project offer from a technical point of view? How were these overcome?

No technical issues I can think of on the project – this is what we do day in day out. 

Simple technical issues such as throw distances for the projectors are there on every install but don’t pose a problem as the projectors have an element of shift to compensate for any discrepancies.

The client wanted to run HDMI/VGA and audio to the projectors but the cable runs were longer than we would like, so we used the Atlona HDMI/VGA/audio wall plate extender and receiver. 

The site was having audio problems prior to our arrival with its existing Bose system, as the previous contractor had run unbalanced audio connections when it needed balanced audio connectors.

MVS identified this immediately and provided the right cables and connectors for the client.

Now it is completed, what is your favourite part of the install and why?

The Panasonic 670 is an awesome projector and much brighter than I ever thought you would get from one without a lamp. 

The ‘wow wall’ we built for the site really makes the projectors stand out and gives Center Parcs an awesome, yet simple, audio provision meaning they don’t always need to hire events companies in.

We designed it as a bespoke wall with projections screen built into it. 

The wall has a large leatherette finish to it and the projector screen sits flush in the middle.

Corporate logos can be stuck onto the wall for client events.

I like how the system works and it works every time. 

We haven’t used bundles of matrixes and other video distribution equipment where the client has so many choices on how to use the system and inevitably it doesn’t work because they don’t know how to use it.

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