Director Franco Dragone’s new show Paris Merveilles (English: Paris Wonders) has recently debuted at the Lido de Paris cabaret in France with a Meyer Sound system.

A lavish re-imagining of the legendary Bluebell Girls, the exotic production relies on UPQ-1P loudspeakers and 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements to diffuse balanced and robust audio throughout the chandelier-laden, 1,100-seat venue.

“With the Meyer Sound system, I can get even more SPL out of boxes that are smaller than the ones they replaced, which expands the sight lines at many seats,” says Steve Dubuc, primary system designer for Paris Merveilles.

“The system was chosen due to the number of constraints presented by the Lido design, including a very low trim height.

“With Meyer Sound, I could be sure the sonic signature would remain uniform throughout the space.”

A veteran theatrical sound designer who now runs his own consulting and design firm, Dubuc’s past experience with Meyer Sound played a large role in his loudspeaker choice for the Lido.

“As always, I look for systems that have the best sound and are the easiest to implement and in those respects, Meyer Sound products are the best I have ever used,” he says.

“The work John Meyer has done over the last 30 years is simply second to none.”

The new Lido system deploys side clusters of three-each and a centre cluster of four UPQ-1P loudspeakers, in addition to two ceiling-mounted 1100-LFC elements.

Three clusters of three UPJ-1XP VariO loudspeakers cover rear seating and six UPJunior VariO loudspeakers complete the main room coverage.

On-stage foldback and behind-stage cueing are supplied by two ceiling-mounted MJF-212A stage monitors and four UP-4XP loudspeakers, respectively.

A Galileo loudspeaker management system with three Galileo 616 processors handles optimisation and signal distribution.

The system was supplied by Paris-based Best Audio, Meyer Sound’s French distributor.

Marc De Fouquières adapted Dubuc’s design to on-site requirements and tuned the system with assistance from Cyril Ubersfeld.

“The management is thrilled with the results,” reports Corrado Campanelli, production sound designer for the show.

“It’s great to hear people who have worked here for many years saying, ‘The Lido has never sounded like this before.’”

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