Sonarworks and Merging Technologies are introducing the first-ever SoundID Reference with multi-channel hardware integration to MERGING+ANUBIS. While SoundID Reference had previously been a stereo-only solution running on Anubis, the two audio technology innovators are debuting their newest multi-channel update at the 153rd Audio Engineering Convention in New York this October.

SoundID Reference is a speaker and headphones calibration software from Sonarworks that removes unwanted coloration and delivers accurate studio reference sound. MERGING+ANUBIS is the first interface and monitoring controller on the market to be able to import a SoundID Reference multichannel pre-set and run it onto any speaker set.

Anubis offers one of the most powerful and flexible monitoring engines for Atmos workflows available to any DAW. Combined with Hapi MKII and/or Horus, integration into any studio setup is possible.

Aside from the SoundID Reference multichannel addition, other benefits from this architecture include:

• EQ resources have been upgraded from only 84 bands to 336 bands, making it easy to calibrate the most challenging Dolby Atmos Room. This is free of charge to all Anubis owners.

• SoundID Reference stereo correction (headphones and speakers) got faster, making it the go to solution for tracking. The added latency is now less than 0.35ms at 48kHz, less than 0.18ms at 96kHz, and virtually zero at 192kHz and DXD.

• Many more SoundID Reference headphone calibration profiles can now be run by Anubis, simultaneously boosting to new heights Anubis’s already advanced headphone cue capabilities.

Pricing and availability

Consumers can purchase the firmware update to add multichannel functionality beginning 19 October for CHF 149.00. Convention guests and media are welcome to test out the product in the Demo Room at AES on 20 October at 12:55 p.m.

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