Having already deployed over 6000 Surface Hubs across Europe, distributor Maverick is now launching a bespoke set of physical and virtual services to support the increasing demand for this ‘all in one’ collaboration device.

The flexibility to use these services ‘at point of need’ means that Hub partners can use experienced personnel to expand existing capacity or maybe to fulfil a gap in their current portfolio. Either way, Maverick says these offerings will allow for quick scale when necessary, or expansion in to new markets or geographies.

These services will cover deployment of the device, the software, infrastructure integration as well as IT administration and user instruction around Microsoft Surface Hub. By providing a consistent set of services right across Europe and US, Maverick can now support the channel to deliver Hub in a single country, or as part of a larger project spanning many countries. The services range from in-room placement and assembly though to virtual service around integration, as well as tailor-made instruction on Hub usage and features for the integrator or end user.

Jon Sidwick, VP of Maverick Europe says: “This new range of services to support the Microsoft Surface Hub in the channel will enable our partners to scale the deployment of Surface Hubs. With the option of both virtual and physical services, we want to deliver outstanding customer service by supplying our partners with the best possible training. The success we are seeing across Europe with this product has led us to work with Microsoft to create a suite of support products to compliment fast deployment.”

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