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With its ProDesign initiative, Optoma is extending training and support to installers

‘Which projectors can do the job? How do we do it? What other equipment do we need?’  These are typical questions the maker says it gets asked from installers who want to expand into more complex installations, like edge blending, warping around domes and mapping, but don’t know where to start.

Not all AV experts have experience in blending, warping and mapping of course of course, which is why Optoma has created its ProDesign service to dealers and installers.  The service includes consultation and technical advice, design assistance, technical drawings, training and direct line support, on site commissioning, site surveys and projector placement drawings.

Ross Noonan, technical product specialist, explains, “The support we give to businesses is completely tailored to them.  They might just need help to produce technical drawings to show their customers or they might need full training to be able to offer these services.

“One installer, who recently attended our edge blending training, told me, ‘I turned down a job last month because I didn’t know how to do it.’  Now he is trained and tendering for complex blending jobs.  It is expanding what he can offer to his customers.”

Projection of course now offers so many new opportunities because of the technology developments that have opened up new opportunities to install high-impact solutions to a wider range of industries.

For example, large format 4K displays can be done now via projection, so viewers can really get the full benefit of the technology.

Optoma also argues that, when going for a really big display, projection is usually more price competitive.

The maker also argues, with some undeniable validity, that consumer can become over-exposed to standard flat panels and filter out messages from these, whereas displays created through projection mapping can make more of an impact and drive more engagement.

With mapping of course, the existing environment can become part of the story, expanding the amount of places that can benefit, but of course with mapping, a more complex is needed than when dealing with a dedicated screen.

Aligning projector beams

Optoma also adds that these days projections can be daylight visible and are now often used within shop window displays. The maker underlines the affordable nature of its laser and LED DLP projectors, providing 24/7 operation and up to 30,000 hours of low maintenance operation.

Ross says, “We want to help grow the industry and expand the expertise across AV installers so that they can tender and deliver complex installations with seamless displays. We can provide free training, attend end user meetings or just provide support and advice when it is needed.  We want our installers and integrators to shine.  It is their project.  We are just there to provide additional technical support and expertise when and where they need it.”

Mark Wootton from Figment Productions, adds, “No other projector manufacturer gives this level of service. It gives us an extra level on confidence when developing and installing new products and services. We have a single point of contact that we can call on when we need support and advice.”

As an example of what can be achieved, the Colosseum cinema in Oslo, wanted to create an impactful lightshow experience by projecting above the audience onto its iconic 32 metre high, 45 metre wide spherical dome.

Dometastic shapes thanks to Optoma

Optoma’s ProDesign team advised which projectors would be suitable and calculated how many projectors would be needed to blend and cover the whole dome. Its feasibility study included technical drawings showing the exact location of each projected image to achieve full projection coverage across the dome.

Optoma’s ProDesign Covers 

Consultation and technical advice

  • Design assistance
  • Product and application advisory
  • Content specification
  • Technical drawings
  • Datasheets
  • Software

Training and support

  • Direct line support
  • Remote system diagnosis with secure connection
  • Direct email
  • On site commissioning
  • Blending / warping
  • Colour calibration / matching
  • Servicing

Calculations, surveys and engineering drawings

  • Edge blending
  • Image sizes / throw distances
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Project site surveys
  • Onsite product demonstrations
  • Shootouts
  • Projector layout and engineering drawings

Optoma’s hands-on practical edge blend training covers how to edge blend using the Chameleon GB-200 and pitfalls to avoid; how to work out resolutions and speccing up projectors for a job, technical drawings and projector positioning; how to configure graphics cards and setting image overlap amounts and resolutions.  Training can also include warping, mapping and masking, as required by the installer.

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