Malekpour Design Partners instals state-of-the-art Siren Studios in New York

Studio design firm Malekpour Design Partners (MDP) have announced the completion of Siren Studios, a private penthouse recording studio in the vibrant Penn District, NYC, for music producer Chris “Chi” Sanders.

Chicago-born Sanders began his musical journey in his teens, honing his craft as an artist, songwriter and producer. After relocating to New York to work professionally, and spending countless hours (and money) hopping from studio to studio, he decided to build his own space.

His vision was to create an inspiring recording studio in which he could grow and collaborate with other artists. Envisioning a penthouse apartment-studio fusion that balanced productivity and comfort, Sanders reached out to Malekpour Design Partners to help him realise this vision.

“Chris was seeking monitors, gear, and a cutting-edge design for his new studio,” recalls Dave Malekpour, President of Malekpour Design Partners.  

“Inspired by studios we had previously designed for Jaycen Joshua and Top Dawg, he expressed his desire for a high-end space consisting of a large control room, vocal booth and lounge space that would exude a unique look and atmosphere, and which would stand out in NYC. The challenge of creating something fresh, was one which we jumped at!”

With Sanders’ brief, MDP’s team of architectural designers and engineers, led by Malekpour and design partner Michael Bashkhangy, developed a comprehensive plan that encompassed all technical, acoustic, and design aspects of the studio, starting with its world-class control room. The result is a futuristic, yet inviting, acoustically optimised space that serves as the creative nerve centre of Siren Studios.

The audio production spaces, control room and vocal booth were designed to meet the highest technical and acoustic standards and are packed with a selection of industry-leading gear including Augspurger Quattro 415-Sub218 speakers, Slate Raven MTZ touch screens, AMS Neve 1073DPD dual-channel Pre/EQ, Tube Tech CL1B compressor, SSL Fusion processor, Grace Design M905M monitor controller, and the Avid ProTools HDX system all integrated and supplied by Professional Audio Design Inc.

Collaborating closely with its partners at Jocavi Acoustics, MDP developed a comprehensive acoustic treatment plan, installing Jocavi’s contemporary TwoFX diffusers which deliver both aesthetically pleasing and sonically superior results, custom-painted in the same ‘Nardo Grey’ colourway as the Augspurger speakers, for synergy with the design aesthetic.

“One of the key elements in designing a studio in the heart of NYC is isolation,” remarks Dave. “When we first viewed the space, there were firetrucks blazing down 7th Avenue and it was clear we would need to plan for a great shell. We’ve achieved over 80 db sound isolation in both the control room and isolation booth using Studio Float Isorafts, decoupling the interior floors, walls and ceiling which hugely benefits the rooms’ reponse.”

As well as the control room, MDP designed the expansive lounge space, thoughtfully crafted to serve as a haven for artists to relax, recharge, and exchange creative ideas. Seamlessly integrating functionality and luxury, this space will ensure that artists feel inspired and rejuvenated in a light and inviting environment.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with Chris on this transformative project,” remarks Dave. “Siren Studios embodies MDP’s commitment to combining cutting-edge design and technology with impeccable acoustics. Together, we have achieved a seamless fusion of innovative design, state-of-the-art equipment, and limitless creative possibilities.”

Reflecting on the project, Chris says: “I wanted a penthouse apartment-studio vibe, and that’s exactly what Malekpour Design Partners delivered. A place where I can lock in on work and still feel comfortable. With a studio of this calibre, it’s only right to stack plaques on these walls. It’s where greatness is born, and success is celebrated.”

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