Li-Fi technology is still very much in its infancy, but Lucibel, a French designer and manufacturer of LED lighting products, is already offering its second-generation range of lighting products powered by PureLiFi. The latest offering extends to panel lights and other commercial form factors to allow for flexible deployments.

Through the use of PureLiFi-enabled lights, commercial buildings can integrate a Li-Fi network to enable lightning fast internet access. Not only are the speeds much improved, but users also benefit from a secure network – as Li-Fi technology only works with direct line of sight.

As there are no Li-Fi devices available on the market just yet, integrators will need to install either a LiFi-XC access point, or have users plug in a LiFi-XC station into their laptops. That will then enable users to connect to the internet with speeds of up to 54Mbps; that’s a slight boost on the first-generation products from Lucibel, which offered 42Mbps.

It’s not just a speed boost that users will find with the second-generation offering, as the Lucibel Li-Fi lights also enable an increase in the number of users simultaneously connected to the network.

The product design of this second generation has been revised by Lucibel to allow a better integration of the ‘Lighting’ and ‘Connectivity’ functionalities. Additionally, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which eliminates the need for an electrical cable, is now integrated natively in Li-Fi luminaires.

Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi, said: “We congratulate Lucibel on the launch of their second generation of industrialised Li-Fi luminaire products and we’re delighted to have once again provided our Li-Fi technology. We have achieved a more efficient, 30% faster Li-Fi module with easy integration into Lucibel’s fantastic design. The result is a product that is more viable than ever as a solution to provide internet access through light.”

Frédéric Granotier, founder and CEO of Lucibel, said: “With the launch of this second generation, Lucibel continues to pioneer Li-Fi lighting products and stays ahead of its competitors. With the significant advancements of this new solution, and a base of more than 100 customers who have validated the first generation, we are confident of rolling out this new product more widely. We are pleased to be working again with pureLiFi and look forward to the continuing success of the relationship.”

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