Lighting specialist Lite-House recently installed an innovative ambient LED lighting solution into the main auditorium at The Cavendish Conference Centre in Duchess Mews, London,

Located alongside Oxford Circus and Cavendish Square, the venue has a long established reputation for customer service, hospitality and superb facilities.

Having been voted Best Conference Venue on many occasions, the auditorium needed a cutting edge solution, entrusting Lite-House with the refurbishment of its lighting and seating.

“We had been recommended by a lighting manufacturer as a company that would get involved in a project management facility,” Peter Sargent, managing director, Lite-House Europe Limited tells CIE.

“They needed a company that could oversee the lighting/glass/controls and electrical design and install.”

Lite-House designed the renovation project, which included new ambient LED lighting, and the refurbishment of the 94 twin seated desks that can accommodate up 188 delegates in the unique tiered amphitheatre.

The team replaced the old desktops with Lite-House’s Flatline LED light panels protected by toughened glass and linked the colour wash lighting and the panels to a control panel system running amBX software.

“The install required us to make use of the existing 1950s desks which were handmade to fit the space, each desk being a very slightly different size,” Peter reflects.

“The install started with installing cable runs through each desk and providing a 240V spur to each bank of desks and designing a method for hiding all the cabling/ power supplies and led decoders. The next job was to measure every single one of the 98 desks to provide a CAD drawing from which the glass and LED panels could be made. To make this a little more complicated the toughened 8mm glass required a printed white border to hide the point source of the LEDs. Each LED panel and glass panel had to be made from the same drawing as the four screw fixing points had to be in exactly the same position.

“What was unusual about this job was the need to up-cycle the existing bespoke Ash desks; in the end though it added to the look of the overall scheme as you had the quality of the original desks and the contemporary finish of the glass and LED illumination.

“It was a challenging job as every desk was different, but also the LED panels had to be smaller than the desk to fit inside the existing structure of the desk, but all the holes still needed to line up,” he explains.

Peter states that this job was particularly unusual due to the fact that every desk/light was individually addressable, so that every desk could be controlled.

“The lighting was managed via the amBX software which maps the pixels in the AV projection to the LED lights to make the lights change colour in sync with the data content. This is particularly useful from a branding point of view; when delegates enter the room the desks are branded to the colours in the corporate presentation.

“This solution gives the organisers the ability to change the colour of the lighting and any individual or group of desks to match a company logo, a video presentation or to segregate sets of delegates as required,” he elaborates.

“The use of amBX to control the lighting has revolutionised the way in which we can use our FlatLite panels in a commercial environment like a conference venue.”

Peter says that his favourite part of the finished install is the overall contemporary feel of the venue, commenting that before it looked very out-dated, whereas now it functions as a modern, interactive space which offers the venue a lot of scope to add value to the space and essentially gain more bookings as a result.

The client was thrilled, commenting: “The lighting solution for our conference venue at Duchess Mews has totally changed the way we used the space; not only has this makeover given the venue a fresh and contemporary feel but it has revolutionised the way we use and sell the space. The lighting gives us the opportunity to brand the area for any client at the touch of a button, the video-to-light facility means that the desks change colour in sync with the projected screen, creating a unique and captivating experience. This whole solution has been created by up-cycling the 1950’s handmade solid ash desks, giving us a retro/contemporary venue with truly unique lighting.”

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