Lifesize, the creator of video collaboration and meeting productivity solutions, is hoping to eradicate miles of cabling in meeting rooms. Its solution? Lifesize Share, a product that allows the wireless transmission of content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

While consumer brands may be living the dongle life, with firms like Apple eradicating many of the ports on laptops and ditching the headphone jack, Lifesize wants to do away with dongles in the meeting room. That’s why a presenter can now simply visit a customised URL via their web browser and share content to a specific room directly from the online interface.

“Lifesize Share makes it remarkably simple to present in meetings without losing precious minutes passing cords and trying to make connections work,” says Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “We’ve seen incredible excitement from customers and partners and a wave of demand.”

Lifesize Share allows users to connect, present content, queue files and change presenters. Additionally, Lifesize Share doubles as a separate, secure wireless access point for easy guest content sharing, eliminating unnecessary exposure to business networks.

To use, a presenter would simply visit the customized URL via their web browser and select the room. Lifesize Share takes care of the rest, automatically detecting the computer with ultrasonic sound waves and allowing the individual to present an entire screen, a specific application or file, or stream video and audio on the meeting room’s monitor.

Lifesize Share starts at $499, and is available now via Lifesize or the Lifesize Partner network.

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