After delighting the Internet with its viral 3D projection mapping videos, Skullmapping’s latest creation sees Le Petit Chef return to the kitchen, this time wrestling a lobster from the ocean, right onto a plate.

CIE spoke exclusively to the team behind Le Petit Chef to discover how its latest project was created, who explain that this piece was created at the request of the company’s Chinese agent.

“They have been using the three older animations in several restaurants/hotels for a couple of months, and requested a new animation,” says Filip Sterckx. “They chose the lobster as a dish, which we were excited about since it’s a great antagonist to fight against Le Petit Chef. Also in terms of background it was interesting and different from what we’ve been doing before, since it allowed us to create an under water world and a coral reef with fish swimming around.”

Le Petit Chef – Lobster was set up and filmed on the terrace of Skullmapping’s studio, the same location Le Petit Chef, Le Petit Chef – Bouillabaisse and Le Petit Chef – Dessert were set up and filmed.

“Only this time we decided to go for a long rectangular table instead of a round table, which allowed us to invite more friends and have a bigger dinner party,” says Filip.

Le Petit Chef - Lobster

This is not a permanent installation, although Skullmapping often gets requests from people asking to book a seat at the Le Petit Chef restaurant. ‘We always have to let them down – we’re not running a restaurant,” Filip smiles. “It’s just a great location to shoot these videos!”

This 3D projection mapping display was created using two Panasonic PT-VZ570U projectors and a MacBook using MadMapper software to send the content to both projectors. The two projections are edge blended in order to create one seamless projection.

“We’ve been doing this for quite some time now, so it becomes easier and easier!” says Filip.

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