Kramer Electronics has announced the acquisition of UC Workspace (UCW), a pioneer and leader in unifying collaborative experiences. Uniting UCW’s and Kramer’s technology and product portfolios under one roof creates new and unique opportunities to bring a new level of simplicity, automation and collaboration to Enterprise and Education customers.

UCW products facilitate engagement across multiple platforms, providing intuitive ways to communicate, control and collaborate. Its award-winning Quicklaunch software solution enables people and organizations to seamlessly engage across multiple UCC platforms. It is the fastest and most secure and intuitive way to launch and control any meeting regardless of conferencing provider. With its upcoming WEAV content and interaction platform and UCCentral software, which provides unparalleled insight and control of workspaces, devices and apps, UCW innovation is helping organizations boost productivity across multiple dimensions.

“This acquisition is the latest step in our journey to reinvent the collaboration experience,” says Gilad Yron, Kramer’s CEO. “It is a power-up in our commitment to creating new ways for people to engage and collaborate more intuitively, simply and inclusively, and with that, to bring more layers of productivity to our customers.”

He continues: “Bringing UCW into the Kramer family accelerates our drive to build a market-leading product and R&D organization. It’s a perfect fit with our existing technologies and our innovation plans for the new physical-digital world.”

Angela Hlavka, CEO of UC Workspace, says: “Having created the market for unified collaborative experiences, we are thrilled to take UCW technology and partner network to a new scale. This will benefit all our customers, through a broader range of solutions, new technologies and market-leading customer support. We are delighted to join the Kramer family on this exciting journey toward better and more productive collaboration for all.”

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