Kramer Electronics has announced the release of KDS-7, a full AVoIP streaming solution for anywhere that low-latency, high-quality 4K60 content distribution and switching is required. Delivering a ‘superb user experience’, enterprise IT-grade security and advanced, yet intuitive management, the KDS-7 line is a perfect fit for Enterprise, Education, Military or Government sites of any size, according to kramer.

Built as a complete solution, the KDS-7 product line comprises a full range of networked end points, including encoders, decoders and auto-switch encoders, as well as a dedicated manager device. It supports 1K video sources and easily scales to suit the AV needs of numerous rooms and locations, for any size business or campus. Enterprise-grade IT security, built-in to all KDS-7 devices, protects the IT network.

The KDS-7 product line expands the benefits of AVoIP. With AVoIP, the AV encoders and decoders are connected to the end-points of the organization’s IP network. Leveraging the switching power of the IP network eliminates the limits on AV deployments, which would otherwise be constrained by the number of physical AV ports on hardware, and that consume a great amount of real estate and energy. This simple and reliable approach enables huge numbers of devices in a single network and makes expanding into new spaces easier and less costly.

With the KDS-7 line, Kramer is introducing even greater scalability and flexibility. Plug-and-play integration into any IP network speeds up deployment and significantly reduces costs. High-resolution video, support for large-scale video wall installations, and full compatibility with end-user devices, including USB-C connection for simple collaboration and simultaneous charge, ensure an outstanding experience for users.

“At Kramer we’re proud to be a leader in creating AVoIP products that accelerate hybrid work, improve hybrid learning across campuses and enhance performance of command and control centres at large-scale installations,” comments Gilad Yron, CEO Kramer Electronics. “Our new KDS-7 AVoIP product line furthers our mission, providing a superior user experience with its ability to support a large number of video sources, with low latency, fast switching, intuitive manageability and advanced security capabilities.”

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