Kramer revealed its 2023 generation of engagement technologies at ISE, Booth 3B300, Area A.

Kramer’s strategy and vision for the future, first launched at last year’s ISE, is now firmly in action. The company is fast becoming the ‘all-round choice’ for audio-visual customers. By listening to their needs, identifying pain points, pioneering an open ecosystem, and focusing on ease of use, Kramer says that it is bringing several innovative, future-proofed products and solutions to the market that seamlessly power collaboration and engagement.

Expanded collaboration applications

Firstly, Kramer is launching the fourth generation of its VIA wireless content collaboration platform to address the new needs of today’s hybrid world and simplify integration into IT environments. With the newly designed VIA 4.0 interface, joining a meeting and sharing content wirelessly are quick and effortless. Participants are connected through the secured VIA hotspot and other collaboration devices, and when the session ends, the presenter and presented content are automatically disconnected, ensuring data privacy and security. 

Kramer also showcased quicklaunch EDU, a simple, secure, and customisable teaching software solution, designed specifically for education needs. quicklaunch EDU features an easy-to-use interface for quick access to all required teaching tools, class schedule information, personal user sign-in, and can be used with Zoom services. It’s based on the success of the existing quicklaunch Enterprise platform, an ultra-fast and secure way for organisations to launch and control any meeting regardless of conferencing provider, which was also exhibited at ISE 2023.

Enhanced audio-visual signal management

Kramer’s new Series 3 portfolio of fully interoperable, advanced audio-visual signal management will include matrices, switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, and multiviewers. These Series 3 products now support long-distance, end-to-end 4K60 video transmission from remote devices and fast switching (<1sec) for mission-critical applications. This new series-based approach to AV distribution makes it simpler than ever to design, configure, and manage complete audio-visual solutions with total ease and peace of mind.

High-performance open-standard AVoIP

Also on show at ISE is Kramer KDS-100, the complete and versatile AVoIP streaming solution for 1GE (1Gbps) networks that makes the most of the H.264/265 open standard. KDS-100 is ideal for any space or use case requiring low-latency, high-quality video presentation up to 4K60, such as operations rooms, university auditoriums, highly secure command and control centres, and AVoIP distribution deployments. KDS-100’s minimal bandwidth means it can be deployed over existing infrastructure, saving tremendous costs for both end users and integrators.

Agile control experiences

Understanding the importance of agility and simplicity for all Control needs, the updated Kramer Control platform enables the set-up and customization of in-room experiences in minutes, with zero programming. It offers numerous new space-specific templates, a first-ever drag and drop interface, and control of any AV and room automation device via the cloud or on-premises. Plus, an advanced dashboard now powers organic analytics and the delivery of organisation insights, customised alerts, room usage, device status, remote control, and much more.

Simplified connectivity solutions

Kramer also showcased its expanded portfolio of enhanced USB-C products. The premium-grade CONNECT USB-C range now features passive, active and AOC (hybrid) cables up to 50m long, offering exceptionally long-distance transmission of 4K60 video and 10Gbps data, 60W charging, Ethernet over USB-C, and more. The range is available in a versatile array of subsets, with flexible toolsets enabling users to connect any setup and blend of devices, at any distance, and only pay for what they need. Meanwhile, the unique Kramer K-Lock keeps all CONNECT USB-C cables firmly connected, minimising the effects of prolonged tensile forces and resisting 4X pulling force to prevent accidental disconnection.

And finally, Kramer’s new portfolio of customer services brings the unmatched knowledge and expertise of Kramer engineers to organisations worldwide. Kramer Customer Services comprises tailored support for every stage of audio-visual development, from design to installation, programming, configuration, commissioning, and troubleshooting, to extended warranties and professional training. It brings customers best-in-class knowledge of the audio-visual ecosystem and proven methods to optimise the success of every installation and project.

Gilad Yron, CEO of Kramer, says, “Not even 10 months have passed since last year’s ISE exhibition, but judging by the technological leaps taken by Kramer and our peers, you’d think it had been 10 years. The audio-visual landscape is continuing to undergo an extraordinary transformation, so I’m proud that Kramer has cemented itself at the forefront of the industry through our latest collection of audio-visual innovations. It’s fantastic to see our strategic investment into understanding the day-to-day needs of end-users, fostering an interoperable, open product ecosystem, and creating solutions that are easy to implement and easy to use, make a real difference globally.

“We’re now ready to boost the audio-visual capabilities and success of organizations across any sector worldwide. And while Kramer’s technologies are also designed for remote, hybrid communication, I always look forward to meeting ISE attendees in person – and walking them through our exciting audio-visual developments myself.”

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