Key Digital has extended an open invitation to the virtual event InfoComm 2020 Connected, held on June 16-18.

The three-day event is AVIXA’s solution to the current global pandemic travel restrictions and the cancelation of InfoComm 2020, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America, which was originally scheduled to be held on the same days in Las Vegas. 

InfoComm 2020 Connected will provide attendees with a cyber-replicated version of the trade show. Guests can expect to learn about new AV products, watch scheduled trainings and keynote speakers, and benefit from the networking aspect of the trade show.

“We look forward to connecting with pro AV integrators from all over the world during this unprecedented three-day virtual event. AVIXA is pioneering a way forward and bringing us all together regardless of wherever we might find ourselves in the world at the moment,” says Masha Lakhter, COO of Key Digital. “Virtual events are the key to maintaining our industry of ingenuity and ever-advancing technologies even during the pandemic, and we plan to bring our A-game to this online event.”

Key Digital boasts a long history with AVIXA and InfoComm events. The company has participated in the celebrated trade show annually for years, and is qualified to offer AVIXA credits with eligible training and its KD University courses.

CEO and President of Key Digital, Mike Tsinberg, received the InfoComm International Adele De Berri Pioneers Award at InfoComm 2013, which highlights important contributions made by industry individuals to the science of AV. The award calls attention to the AV and information communications industries by recognising pioneers who made scientific breakthroughs resulting in new AV technologies that impacted the manufacture and sales of novel products enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

Click here to register for InfoComm 2020 Connected.

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