Just Add Power is debuting a new Plug-Play-Present logic controller at InfoComm 2017, allowing integrators to add logic control to all their Just Add Power transmitters.

Logic control functionality has become a crucial tool in an integrator’s arsenal, allowing users to intuitively switch between sources to make presentations and collaboration without any fuss. The new Just Add Power solution should ensure that huddle rooms, boardrooms and large matrixes are all equipped with this functionality.

“Not every commercial installation requires or can afford an external control system, but with the growing range of sources, these projects still demand a simple way to connect to and switch between sources,” says Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at Just Add Power. “The Plug-Play-Present controller is just another smart building block we’ve added to the J+P offering that enables integrators to easily solve critical video switching needs.”

The Plug-Play-Present logic control is added via free firmware to all J+P transmitters, enabling intuitive and reliable connection and switching of sources. Users simply connect any source to any HDMI or VGA transmitter, and the transmitter does all the work. The device allows integrators to create a scene based on video being present. It can power devices on and off and communicate with network devices. The transmitter can send CEC, IR, IP, or RS-232 commands to a single screen, multiple screens, or the network switch with simple conditional statements to make control possible without the additional expense of an outboard control system.

The J+P Plug-Play-Present is now available worldwide.

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