UK Harman distributor, Sound Technology Ltd has announced that it will be hosting free JBL Intellivox training from September 28-29 at Letchworth Garden City, UK.

The course takes place over two days and includes a mix of classroom and practical sessions. Participants are welcome to attend either day or both, depending on their requirements.

Day one covers JBL’s DDC (Digital Directivity Control) and DDS (Digital Directivity Synthesis) technologies, design guidelines, WinControl & Rapid DDS software.

Day two takes a closer look at DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) acoustic prediction software and DDS Control.

The course is free to attend but requires registration. Those planning to attend should need to download the WinControl and DDA software, install them and license them to their computer before attending.

More On JBL’s Software

DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) is a dedicated electro-acoustic tool that allows sound system designers to design, simulate, visualise and optimise the directional behaviour of JBL Intellivox, JBL AXYS products and JBL point source loudspeakers (CLF data required).

JBL Intellivox, JBL AXYS and AXYS Tunnel by Harman products are configured using the manufacturer’s proprietary WinControl software, communication between the PC running WinControl and the products is via a RS-485 network or Ethernet (Tunnel products only).

WinControl allows users to make full use of the wide range of features offered by the products on board DSP. For Intellivox, Target and Beam Shaping Subwoofer users, WinControl allows users to manipulate the critical digital directivity parameters that define the vertical dispersion of the array.

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