The EON ONE all-in-one linear-array PA system from JBL Professional has been created for gigging musicians and DJs, coffee houses, fitness studios and corporate environments.

The idea behind the EON ONE is that it combines the sound quality of a professional system with the convenience and streamlined look of a compact, column-style solution.

Featuring Bluetooth audio, a six-channel mixer and a design meaning that it can be carried with one hand, EON ONE can reportedly be set up in seconds.

With a maximum SPL of 118 dB, the EON ONE provides detailed, distortion-free audio. An unobstructed 10” bass-reflex subwoofer delivers tight, accurate low-frequency response that is ideal for DJs and playing back recorded music.

The high-frequency section features JBL’s patent-pending Directivity Control Geometry, which optimises the spacing and angles of the six two-inch high-frequency drivers.

The built-in, six-channel mixer enables users to connect microphones, instruments, such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars and keyboards and other sources.

The mixer also features bass, treble and reverb controls to optimise the sound. Bluetooth audio streaming makes it easy to play back recorded music from smartphones, tablets and more.

The high-frequency section and two spacers fit conveniently into the base unit, providing a streamlined package.

Users can choose the right number of spacers to optimise the sound for each application: two spacers provide a long throw for live performances and large crowds, while a single spacer is ideal for conferences, gyms and medium-sized groups. For small meetings and intimate events, users can place the high-frequency section directly atop the base unit.

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