JBL Professional’s Cinema Expansion Series sound systems have been released – ideal for small to medium-size commercial theatres. The line, which includes JBL 3153 and 4253 three-way screen-channel loudspeakers, 3181F and 4281F subwoofers and 8102 surrounds, reportedly deliver the highest SPLs in its class, while covering rooms up to 85ft (26m) deep and up to 40ft (12m) wide. 

Also new from Harman is the two-channel, 1,300W Crown XLC 21300 amplifier, which supports Cinema Series speakers in a range of system configurations.

Premium JBL drivers are engineered to deliver maximum output with minimal distortion, while patented JBL Waveguides ensure consistent, symmetrical coverage. Innovative features simplify deployment and operation, from conveniently accessible connections to rigging systems that allow configurations for a variety of installations, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. 

“When we created the Cinema Expansion Series, we wanted to offer flexible solutions for cost-conscious theatre owners looking to provide a premium audio experience in every seat while maximising their investment,” says Sunil Karanjikar, Cinema Product Manager, Harman Professional Solutions.

“Now, whether a theater offers traditional 5.1 or more complex multichannel sound, it can offer the fidelity and performance synonymous with the JBL name at a competitive price. By combining Cinema Expansion Series speakers and subs with the JBL CPi2000 cinema processor and our new Crown XLC21300 amplifier, theater owners and integrators can build fully integrated Harman cinema sound solutions. But above all, it’s that legendary JBL sound that will thrill theatergoers and keep them coming back.”

JBL 3153 and 4253 screen speakers provide full-range, symmetrical 90 x 50-degree coverage. Speakers operate in passive or biamp mode and incorporate built-in crossover networks and transducer protection circuitry. 

Two sizes are available: The single 15in, 460W-rated JBL 3153 delivers 134dB peak SPL and covers rooms up to 45ft deep; while the dual 15in, 800W-rated 4253 delivers 138dB peak SPL and covers rooms up to 85ft deep. Both models operate at 4Ω impedance, allowing them to be powered by Crown XLC amplifiers, and feature enclosure-top binding-post connectors to simplify wiring and save space behind the screen.

The 10in, two-way, 260W-rated 8102 surround speaker provides full-range, 110 x 90-degree coverage, with a peak SPL of 125dB and a throw capability of 40ft (12m). It operates at 8Ω impedance, allowing multiple surround speakers to be wired to a single amplifier channel. The 8102’s wide coverage and high SPL output means fewer surrounds are needed in an array. The cabinet features a 20-degree down-angled front baffle for improved coverage; enclosure-top input terminals; and mounting that is compatible with JBL QuickMount, Omnimount or APC Multimount brackets.

3181F and 4281F subwoofers work seamlessly with JBL Cinema Expansion Series screen speakers and surrounds to provide low-end coverage in the 30–500Hz range. The single 18in, 650W-rated 3181F delivers 132dB peak SPL, while the double 18in, 1,600W-rated 4281F delivers 139dB peak SPL and features 4-pin connectors that allow driving the two transducers separately (discrete mode) or together (parallel mode).

Subwoofers are housed in shallow, 15in (355mm)-deep cabinets with enclosure-top connectors that preserve minimum depth. Both subwoofers operate in 4 Ω mode, enabling them to be driven with the Crown XLC 21300 or any other Crown XLC Series amplifier. Built-in rigging points facilitate hanging for installations such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and binding-post input connectors are consistent with other JBL cinema speakers.

The Crown XLC 21300, the newest, most powerful model in Crown’s XLC Series of high-output, competitively-priced professional cinema amplifiers, delivers clean, reliable power in a versatile package; combine the XLC 21300 with JBL Cinema Expansion Series speakers to build a complete, fully integrated JBL cinema sound solution. 

The two-channel XLC 21300 provides 1,300W of rated power per channel at 4Ω, giving it the capability to power subwoofers at both 8Ω and 4Ω loads. The XLC 21300 supports parallel, input Y and bridged-mono-output modes for versatile configuration; front-panel indicators display signal and amplifier status. 

The JBL Cinema Expansion Series will be available in Q2, 2020: 3153 and 4253 screen-channel speakers and 8102 surrounds are available in all regions except North America and Central America; 3181F and 4281F subwoofers and Crown XLX 21300 are available worldwide. 

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