Melissa’s brief to Intevi, digital solutions provider and manufacturer supplying its IDX products to AV installers, was to blend its artistic designs with suitable technology to bring their creativity to life.

Intevi knew it was going to need an impressive piece of technology to deliver on these requirements, leading the company to recommend super high resolution LED as the display choice.

Tom Scott, MD at Intevi says: “We had previously worked with the contractors on another retail project and they knew we could deliver on the very distinctive brief Melissa had produced.

“In the large entrance hall, visitors would be surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling LED screens. These screens would feature anything, from psychedelic art installations to fashion shows. The screens would be mirror backed so that they could be turned off to provide a reflective surface around the art installations.”

Intevi chose technical distributor PSCo to supply the super high resolution LED for this project, due to the portfolio of LED by manufacturer Absen and its UK servicing and support offering.

The requirements of the display products were to be scalable, offer clear resolution, operate independently displaying different content and be set behind bespoke glass installations.

To ensure the LED displays delivered these requirements, Intevi visited the PSCo Assessment Centre to evaluate the displays, resulting in their specification of Absen AI06 6mm for the larger display and Absen AI03 3mm for the unique three-sided display.

Once the technologies had been chosen, the Assessment Centre provided the shop fitting team the opportunity to test the LED behind the glass before delivery, ensuring there were no nasty surprises on site.

Intevi chose Absen AI03 and AI06 super high resolution LED displays as they provide features suitable for retail including low pixel pitch to display high resolution content, slim depth, high refresh rates and contrast levels and low power consumption and running costs.

The total 109 panels of LED would create two bespoke in-store displays.

A show stopping 44 panels of AI06 in an 8 x 3m formation provides the creative backdrop to a range of shoes by leading designers.

In the store entrance is the immersive zone created from 65 panels of AI03, the first installation in the UK of a sub 4mm Absen LED product.

This three-sided display created from one 3.75m wide wall and two 3m wide walls delivers on the Galeria concept.

Liam Norris, LED product manager at PSCo explains how the post-sales offering was an important factor: “We were able to support Intevi on this project, removing any of the risk and uncertainty of dealing with a Chinese manufacturer. 

“We handled the entire procurement process on their behalf, sourcing the screens required from China and managing the supply chain back in the UK.

One of the key benefits of quality LED screens is their long life cycle, making a full UK service and warranty contract essential.

“As all LED sold through PSCo includes a UK warranty serviced from the PSCo Service Centre, Intevi can ensure the displays are never out of action for long periods of time.”

Intevi started trading in 2011 and specialises only in digital media delivering any form of communication via a screen, from large format display to mobile device.

The company has developed its own range of technologies aimed at installers that are branded under the IDX moniker and currently have offerings for IDT (digital TV / IPTV), IDP (digital poster / signage) and IDR (Digital Retail, making the screens more intelligent / reactive).

Tom explains: “The Melissa project came about because we had worked with IDL (the architects for the project) in the past on a project at Hobbs in Covent Garden and they were under the gun to deliver something stunning in a very short time frame. They had seen first-hand our can do attitude.”

“We worked with them and the client to find the right technology solution that also fitted with the client’s budget and engaged with PSCo who provided us with all the necessary Absen A-Series LED technology and installation expertise.

“We also subcontracted to installers AT&C to look after the audio implementation in store and knew these guys well having also worked with them on a major installation at Southampton FC’s new training facility.”

Tom explains: “The project was being driven by a Brazilian based visual artist / designer, Muti Randolph.

“This quickly became more about the integration of the technology into the architecture than it did about pixels and resolution. The front screen for example is created as U shape measuring11.75m by 3.75m and is sat behind mirrored glass creating an infinity look, this makes the store look much bigger from the outside and is designed to attract passers by off of the Covent Garden onto which it faces.

“We also worked with the architects on finding the right balance of reflective film that would sit in front of the screens, but would blend the content with the lighting and surroundings whilst ensuring that the image quality when content was played would not be compromised.

“Muti’s very distinct content on the screen is also delivered using a piece of software typically used by video DJ’s using high powered Mac capable of rendering content to both video screens simultaneous. A Microsoft Kinect unit is also installed above the front screen and this allows visitors to interact with certain video sequences.”

Tom says the final result is a stunning piece of interactive technology architecture that more than achieves what it set out to do.

The client is delighted with the final solution and more often than not, when you visit the shop someone is standing in the entrance admiring the screens, admitting that initially this was their sole reason for being there.

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