Due to attractive price/quality ratio, Infinitus expects this development to be appealing for DOOH advertising and other projects demanding largest format LCD panels.

Systems can act independently or be integrated into other structures.

Clients can choose between imotionG6 and imotionFLOW technologies, both made to minimise after purchase maintenance costs with advanced automatic call-on-site functionality summoning owners to the location only when attention is needed.

Advanced HVAC based imotionG6 units are by warranted for three years and are available in portrait/landscape and single/double side formats.

These systems have the capacity to create constantly correct inner enclosure conditions (20 to 25⁰C/ 68 to 77⁰F), delivering peak operation and extended life-cycles.

imotionFLOW, ventilation cooled systems, will be available in three options. Freestanding portrait single side and wall-mounted portrait and landscape with bezel size of 100mm and 16mm glass to display distance.

As opposed to imotionG6 operation between -40 and +55⁰C/ -40 and 131⁰F, imotionFLOW technology is intended for direct sun exposed public areas within range of -25 and 40⁰C/ 77 and 104⁰F.

The imotion FLOW product line utilises high on-surface temperature resistant LCD panels (up to 110⁰C) and guarantees integrated components to safely operate within warranted operation temperature ranges, never exceeding 50⁰C within enclosure.

The systems also recognise when air filters need to be cleaned or changed and send automatic notifications.

With controlmotion ADVANCE server based software upgrade customer can have real time overview of all units’ health status at once, further minimising maintenance after purchase costs, and securing performance, which is especially useful for larger networks.


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