How State-Of-The-Art Screens Transformed The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Nearly every hotel room in the world is now equipped with a flat screen TV, but the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu has taken things to a whole new level. Located at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu boasts a very special room with a full-sized Boeing 737-800 flight simulator, powered by some state-of-the-art screens.  

The opening of the new ‘Superior Cockpit Room’ coincides with the hotel’s 15th anniversary, and is limited in availability. Despite the uniqueness of the room, the hotel has decided to retain affordability for most AV geeks, with a night at the hotel costing around 25,300 JPY. That equates to around £186, although just staying in the room doesn’t mean you get to use the simulator.  

Those who simply want to see the simulator will be content with the £186 nightly rate, as they’ll be able to see the screens cycle through locations around the world through a transparent acrylic divider. Those wishing to take full advantage of the simulator, however, will have to stump up a little extra. That’s because the hotel is offering a 90-minute flight lesson to guests for 30,000 JPY, or around £221. With that, you’ll get a certified flight instructor and 90 minutes in which to take full control of a virtual 737-800 aircraft.  

This is a completely unique offering that makes this hotel different from any other around the world, and it proves to hotel owners that technology can completely transform the guest experience. What’s more, the displays are able to offer an enhanced offering even without the added benefit of actually flying the plane.  

Hotels around the world are increasingly turning to screens to enhance the guest experience and offer themed experiences. It began on-board cruise ships, with ‘virtual’ verandahs, but will soon find a place at hotels such as Walt Disney World’s upcoming Star Wars Resort. In this hotel, it’s expected the entertainment company will leverage displays to emulate the feeling of being in a hotel located in outer space.  

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