The new Hosa Pro Breakouts have been optimised to make the process of interfacing consumer audio products with professional equipment easier than ever.

With Hosa Pro Breakouts, any consumer audio product equipped with a stereo minijack output can seamlessly be interfaced with professional units sporting quarter-inch Tip/Sleeve, XLR, or even RCA connectors.

Hosa Pro Breakouts are available in three configurations.

The 3.5 mm TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) to dual RCA option – identified as the HMR-000Y Series – is ideal for DJ mixers or home stereo systems.

Meanwhile, the 3.5 mm TRS to dual 1/4-inch TS (tip/sleeve) breakout – identified as the HMP-000Y Series – can be plugged into patch bays or a mixer’s phone inputs.

The third category, the 3.5 mm TRS to dual XLR3M breakout – known as the HMX-000Y Series – is most suited for connecting into discrete channels on a professional mixer or similar interface.

All three configurations utilise nickel-plated REAN connectors and sport 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity, as well as 90 per cent OFC spiral shields for a higher signal to noise ratio.

“The growth of portable audio products such as iPods, smartphones and tablets has changed the requirements of live audio,” says Jose Gonzalez, Hosa technology’s product manager.

“Even in the most professional live audio and studio setups, people frequently need the ability to add a consumer media player into the mix. When this situation arises, they need to be able to count on the cable they’re about to patch in. Hosa Pro Breakouts make trusting one’s cable easy. All three configurations make the process of interfacing consumer audio products with professional gear quick and seamless.”

The HMR-000Y and HMP-000Y Series are available now and include their respective cables in 3-, 6-, and 10-foot lengths.

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