Helvar has launched ILLUSTRIS, a Bluetooth connected, touch-sensitive panel in glass or plastic that is designed to provide easy to use control of Helvar lighting control systems and DALI Type 8 colour devices for human centric lighting applications.

ILLUSTRIS is suitable for use in offices, education applications, healthcare, residential and hospitality buildings. ILLUSTRIS features different fascia graphic layouts, including a scene control panel, a full colour control panel and a colour temperature control panel.

“ILLUSTRIS is a major step forward in Helvar lighting control,” says Nick Van Tromp, Helvar’s product manager. “It provides a modern, smart design that makes it the premium choice for contemporary interiors. It also features the same capacitive technology as many smartphones, to offer touch-sensitive operation with Bluetooth connectivity to our SceneSet app which allows remote operation via a smartphone or tablet.”

Added to this, out of box functionality and the ability to edit and store scenes from the ILLUSTRIS panel or from the app has been designed to make control of DALI Type 8 devices simple, with minimal set-up.

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