The Virginia Tech Cube opened its doors in January in the hope of creating a virtual space, complete with Oculus Rifts, as well as JBL speakers and BSS audio processing.

The 50 x 40ft box isn’t exactly large, but Virgina Tech is hoping that virtual reality technology coupled with a host of other technologies can turn this space into a stadium, or just about any environment needed.

When the doors to The Cube first opened, some noted that the biggest selling point of the space was the sound system, which is said to ‘create deafening 360-degree audio with 124 standard speakers, four subwoofers and nine additional speakers that project hyper-targeted sound, like the aural equivalent of a spotlight.’

Harman has confirmed that JBL Professional speakers and BSS audio processing is behind the sound inside The Cube.

The sound system comprises 124 JBL SCS 8 spatially cued surround coaxial 8” loudspeakers wrapped around the walls and ceiling of the Cube in various resolutions.

The JBL SCS 8 is a wide coverage loudspeaker that can be positioned in any number of ways and was developed for spatial sound installations.

At the backbone of the routing system are three BSS BLU 806 networked signal processors with Dante and BLU Link connectivity.

Commenting on the project, Paul Chavez, Harman Professional director of systems applications notes: “Spatial sound is a compelling frontier for audio innovation and is likely to positively impact how and what we listen to in the car, the home and in large venues! The Cube is among the elite facilities for exploration and learning, and we are extremely pleased to be involved.”

The Cube cost $15 million to develop – around £10 million – and is the world’s first full-scale big data exploration facility.

The space will be used for research and experimentation in big data exploration, immersive environments, intimate performances, audio and visual installations, and experiential investigations of all types.

The Cube is located at Virginia Tech’s Institute of Creativity, Arts and Technology.

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