Handy AV are hoping to revolutionise EdTech in the UK with an exclusive distribution deal with Shape Robotics, in association with Samsung.

Shape Robotics are working closely with Samsung to deliver a full classroom solution that teaches pupils aged 5-17 the required skills for computer coding and programming, using a Samsung Flip as the ‘front of class’ display and learning tool. Utilising its Fable modular robot, the solution can be programmed using basic coding instructions to do tasks such as walk, collect, and communicate. It’s modular construction means that more complicated tasks are available as pupils progress, including full Python coding access.

Similarly to the way in which the BBC microcomputer changed the face of IT and UK computer studies in the 1980s, it is hoped that Handy AV, Shape Robotics and Samsung can help to inspire the technology minds of tomorrow.

Aubrey Wright, MD of Handy AV, explains, “We are incredibly excited to be offering this solution exclusively in the UK. Teaching fundamental coding is an essential component in educating the next generation of IT professionals. With our offering, pupils experience a fun, tactile way to learn coding, programming, and modular development.”

The Fable Solution from Shape Robotics is a modular robotic solution that allows students to build robots in seconds, but also retains the ability to be creative with their design. The solution has two products; Fable Go, a mobile floor robot, and Fable Explore, a robotic arm. Both solutions allow students to bring computing/coding sessions to life as well as implementing them into STEAM lessons.

The Fable Blockly software allows the solution to be introduced across all key stages as it progresses from Blockly programming into Python/Java. Students can see text programming be created as they program in Blockly.

One of the strengths of Fable is its ease of use. Students become independent very quickly, allowing them to take the solution into many subject areas such as maths, science and literacy.

Shape Robotics’ Fable robot stands approximately 18in high and uses a smart phone to receive and apply instruction. Available now, Handy AV will be showcasing the solution alongside Samsung on its BETT show booth NE31.

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