The Google Jamboard, a Microsoft Surface Hub competitor from the search engine giant, has officially received pricing details.

Google’s Jamboard is quite similar to the Microsoft Surface Hub in many ways. It’s a giant digital whiteboard allowing business users to have a central hub for showcasing presentations, video conferencing and collaborating on ideas. There are a few key differences between the two devices, however.

The Microsoft Surface Hub is an extremely formal device, with it designed specifically to be a business machine. It’s sort of like the ThinkPad of the digital whiteboard space, it’s aesthetics have been chosen to blend into the background rather than stand out. The Google Jamboard is a completely different story. Google’s design team has ensured that the Jamboard stands out in a room by encasing the screen in a bright red plastic shell.

It’s not just the design where the two differ. Google’s offering may be designed to handle serious business functions, but it’s also being touted as a screen that can be enjoyed in just about any environment. Want to cast Netflix videos to the Jamboard? Not a problem; although not all companies will want that functionality available.

Google has equipped the Jamboard with numerous features, incuding the aforementioned Google Cast capablities, as well as direct access to the Google search engine, Hangouts conferencing and access to the complete G Suite of apps. That includes everything from Google Docs to Google Drive.

In terms of hardware, the Google Jamboard is equipped with a 55in 4K UHD display, handwriting and shape recognition, HDMI 2.0, USB Type C and two USB 3.0 ports, SPDIF audio out, down-firing speakers and built-in microphones, built-in wide angle camera and tilt support, a Gigabyte Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Those buying a Jamboard will also get two fine tip passive stylus, an eraser and a microfibre cloth.

While the 55in 4K UHD display is higher resolution than the version Microsoft offers with the Surface Hub 55in, it only offers 16 simultaneous points of multi-touch. That’s compared to 100 points available on the Surface Hub. The Surface Hub is also available in an 84in model, while users will only be able to purchase a 55in Google Jamboard.

So how much will the Google Jamboard cost when it goes on sale in May? Well, Google has thus far confirmed US pricing – noting that it’ll be priced for $4,999, which is significantly less than the Microsoft Surface Hub.

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