The Google Jamboard has yet another new distribution partner, with Advanced making the collaborative whiteboard solution available throughout Canada.

Advanced is the latest distributor to partner with both Google and BenQ to launch the Google Jamboard in new markets. Up until now the Jamboard has largely been available exclusively through Google’s own sales channels, lagging far behind competing systems on the market.

“We are honoured to have been selected to bring the cutting-edge Google Jamboard to Canadian schools and corporate facilities,” Advanced executive vice president Mark McPherson notes.

“Basic whiteboards are used in schools and offices everywhere, but whiteboards don’t store progress. They don’t bring the entire classroom, or team, into the conversation. Jamboard brings whiteboards into the future with cloud storage, real-time collaboration tools like those in G Suite, as well as access to the endless information available through Google Search. It makes collaboration easier and more productive than ever before.”

Google Jamboard has some stiff competition in the collaborative whiteboard space. Cisco, InFocus and Microsoft all offer similar solutions, with a wide array of different features adorning each model. Those purchasing the Google Jamboard will find a 55in 4K display, which users can write, explore and import content from the web, as well as save sketches and brainstorms in the cloud.

“Advanced is committed to making unique collaboration technology tools available to users at every level, and this partnership with Google and BenQ is a testament to our commitment to make this a reality,” Mark concludes.

“Anyone interested in how Google Jamboard can benefit their operations can experience a live demonstration at Advanced’s Open House taking place on September 20th. Customers will be able to see first-hand just how much Jamboard can revolutionise and increase collaboration and productivity in the workplace or educational spaces.”

Microsoft has only just begun shipping its Surface Hub into the UK market, giving Google plenty of time to catch up. Given its expansion to Canada, it may not be long before the Google Jamboard makes the jump across the Atlantic.

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