Perhaps taking slightly longer to take off than was originally hoped, we knew far more about the concept of digital signage before it really began to bite as a sector that installers could really exploit.

However, digital signage is now undoubtedly one of the heroes of the industry creating work for many and delivering to clients opportunities never been on offer before.

The up-coming ISE will have large swaths of the products on offer dedicated to digital signage offering offices, retail outlets, restaurants and many other types of businesses new and exciting ways to interact with their customers and employees. 

Advancements in the 4K capability of the screens on offer enables customers to create and exploit 4K content without the worry of having to wait for native content which the entertainment industry is experiencing, businesses such as retail outlets can create stunning fully native 4K displays all with your help.

Advancements in HD and 4K distribution are also helping installers deliver larger and more reliable systems making the concept scaleable for a huge range of applications from university campuses all the way down to a couple of screens in a coffee shop.

Check out some of our recent favourites in the slideshow to the right.

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