Unveiled today to invited guests at London’s Metropolis Studios was the latest offering from Genelec in the form of The Ones, which the manufacturer is calling the ‘ultimate in point source monitoring’.

The 8351 is joined by the 8331 and 8341, which Genelec claims are the world’s smallest three-way coaxial monitors, which have been optimised to create a complete compact coaxial range in order to redefine near-field monitoring.

Alongside SAM, The Ones take their place in a larger family of smart monitors from across the Genelec range, all of which can be used to create smart networks of up to 40 monitors and subwoofers per network, covering instantly recallable configurations from traditional stereo to immersive audio.

The 8331 and 8341 are housed in enclosures no larger than a traditional two-way 8030 or 8040, and like the 8351, both the 8331 and 8341 can be orientated horizontally or vertically using an adjustable IsoPod base for isolation.

While the 8331 and 8341 both echo the 8351 in form and function, the new models have been entirely reengineered to meet the challenges of their compact dimensions (just 299mm x 189mm x 212mm for the 8331, and 350mm x 237mm x 243mm for the 8341).

Genelec points out that point source overcomes the off-axis colouration associated with traditional loudspeaker designs, giving the user more freedom of movement rather than confining them to a narrow sweet spot. However, point source has presented its own set of limitations when combined with superior coaxial designs, including limited frequency range, low SPL and uneven dispersion. Genelec claims that using its Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDCTM) driver, The Ones eliminate these issues to create the Ultimate Point Source.

The Ones have been optimised to deliver precise imaging both on- and off-axis, reportedly coupled with absolutely neutral reproduction. In addition, Genelec’s Directivity Control Waveguide (DCWTM), is combined with The Ones’ concealed dual woofer design.

Further key features include a motor assembly that sees both the midrange and the tweeter share the same compact magnet system, reducing size and weight with no reduction in response. The unique midrange coaxial driver cone is now comprised of concentric sections, optimising midrange linearity – as does the DCW, which covers the entire front face of the enclosure.

Despite the size of the 8331 and 8341, each unit incorporates three stages of dedicated Class D amplification, developed in-house by Genelec and including eco-friendly Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) energy saving technology.

The short-term maximum output capacities for each of the models is 104 dB SPL for the 8331 (at 1m), and 110 dB SPL for the 8341 (at 1m), with accuracy better than ±1.5 dB, and respective frequency responses starting at 45 Hz and 38 Hz (-6 dB) and extending beyond 40 kHz both for the analogue and digital inputs.

The coaxial design allows for ultra-near-field listening, creating a dramatic improvement in the direct sound-to-reverberant sound ratio and further reducing the room’s influence while monitoring. The listening distance may be as short as 40 cm, with no loss of precision. At a listening distance of just 50 cm, the maximum SPL capability (headroom) is raised by more than 5dB.

“The number of big ideas contained within these small monitors is truly remarkable, but no list of features can ever match up to the experience of simply listening to them,” comments Genelec managing director, Siamäk Naghian. “For professionals worldwide, the 8351 has already become the trusted standard for its neutrality, and its smooth frequency response both on- and off-axis. Now that same precision and three-way performance is available to everyone. With the 8331 and 8341, the size of your studio is no longer a barrier to the size of your ambition.”

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