Genelec brings RAW immersion to Berlin’s Hagius

Hagius, located in Berlin, is staffed by young professionals that offer classes for various disciplines such as yoga and boxing with the intention of strengthening and conditioning both body and mind, incorporating the spectrum of senses in neuro-athletic training. To provide a high-quality audio experience, Hagius has chosen a complete Genelec loudspeaker solution, supplied by local distributor Audio Pro and integrated by the Berlin acoustic design studio, Studio SPC.

“We wanted to create a space in Berlin where we could offer a different kind of training experience,” explains Co-Founder Timothy Hagius. “Physical performance starts in the mind. Movement is regulated by the central nervous system and sensory input plays a significant role in this process.”

For this reason, staff opt to work primarily with smaller groups, placing more of the emphasis on the individual’s multi-sensory journey, following the theory that everyone should be attuned with their own biorhythm. There are several rooms, each of which use a combination of the senses to help simulate a certain state. Sound plays an essential role in all of them, which is why a premium audio solution was required.

“The guys from Hagius asked me to offer them something high-end, functional and aesthetically appealing,” explains Kenan Jan Ibar, from Studio SPC. “After I introduced them to Genelec’s RAW recycled aluminium loudspeakers they immediately fell in love with the aesthetic, as it blends so seamlessly with their existing interior, based on greys and stainless-steel elements.”

All that was left was for Timothy Hagius and a select few team members to visit Genelec’s Berlin Experience Centre and let the sound demonstration speak for itself. Clearly impressed with what they heard; this is where they finalised the specification for their Genelec system.

The room that received the most attention was the course room where the sound treatment sessions take place. “This is the strongest room in terms of SPL and clarity, on account of the sheer concentration of loudspeakers,” Kenan Jan Ibar explains. “It contains eight 4040s supported by a 7380subwoofer.”

In the gym area, five 4040s were specified, followed by the boxing area which required a further four 4040s – all of these spaces requiring the higher SPLs delivered by this loudspeaker model, the largest in the 4000 series. For the changing rooms and showers as well as the foyer, seven of the more compact 4030s sufficed, as increased output and extended low frequency response were less of a priority. The same logic applied to the osteopathy room, which benefitted from two 4020s, perfectly rounding off the intimate setting. Finally, a single AIW25 ceiling loudspeaker was installed in the relaxation room, intentionally unobtrusive to remove any visual distraction from the space.

The discussion of audio came after the architectural and interior design had already been implemented, and therefore acoustics had not been considered in the design. Therefore, 4000 Series loudspeakers were an ideal choice. Delivering Genelec’s renowned premium sound quality, they pack a punch relative to their compact form factor, easily filling high-ceilinged rooms. All of the loudspeakers have simple rear panel room compensation switches, which provide intuitive control of various adjustable EQ levels, to help integrators tune them to the individual acoustics of each room.

Kenan Jar Ibar explains his specification of Genelec: “When it comes to studio applications and sound installations, Genelec is always my personal choice. The sound is incredibly crisp and full – you feel the whole spectrum in a balanced way. Beyond this, they are durable and strong loudspeakers with an extremely long lifespan. In the event that there is a problem, Genelec’s service is second to none.” He continues: “From a design perspective, Genelec’s wide colour selection and signature curved enclosures mean they fit well in almost any environment.”

Kenan Jan Ibar is thrilled with the outcome of the installation: “Overall, the Hagius team are extremely happy with the result. They said that they would certainly go with Genelec again if they did another project in the future.”

Eric Horstmann, the Berlin-based Regional Business Development Manager for Genelec, echoes this sentiment: “It’s been a pleasure working with the Hagius team so far. They are promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle, bringing a fresh, naturalistic approach to the industry. We’re honoured to support them with their vision, and eagerly anticipate the next step of the journey!”

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