Brackley, in West Northamptonshire, is home to the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, with a 60,000 square meter technology centre that enables the design, development, manufacture, assembly and operation of masterful Formula 1 cars.

In March 2021, the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team completed an 18-month project to redesign the race bays of its facility. The Race Bays on the ground floor of the centre are used for vehicle construction as well as for company-wide debriefings after each race weekend, new announcements and celebrations.

At the beginning of the project, Epson considered installing its highest brightness laser projector, the EB-L25000U, but as the project progressed, Epson released the even brighter 30,000 lumen projector, the EB-L30000U, which key partner Tateside is happy to provide presented project. This made Tateside the first company to install Epson’s most powerful laser projector in all of Europe.

The projector is built into the mezzanine wall space surrounding the Race Bays, and with the assistance of Epson technical specialists who visited the site during the project, a bespoke grille was designed to protect the projector from plastering and the Ensuring cooling was not affected.

London-based AV solutions specialist Tateside has provided AV solutions for Mercedes F1 on many occasions over the past few years, including meeting rooms, digital signage on the track and an auditorium, and has been instrumental in providing the AV system for the redesigned Race Bays commissioned. The task was to offer “Lights on Viewing” for presentations that would adapt to the aesthetic design of the Race Bays without permanently changing the room.

Jack Cornish, Technical Director at Tateside, comments, “As a top conference room in a company mostly composed of engineers, the aesthetics of the AV system needed to be immaculate. Projection was an obvious choice to meet scale requirements while avoiding permanent floor space on the mezzanine like an LED screen.

“At first there were concerns about the brightness of the room, so we went with a high-brightness projector and an electronic ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screen. Due to their longstanding partnership with Mercedes F1, Epson was the obvious brand of choice as we have used Epson primarily for our jobs from home theater projectors upwards in the UK due to the reliability of the kit and strong collaboration with their team. “

Bobby Van Druff, Business Support Operations Director at Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, says: “Epson has been a long-term and integral partner of our team. We have had many successes together since 2015 and their technology has allowed us to work more efficiently, bring our people together and improve our AV skills. Working closely with Epson in implementing the EB-L30000U has enabled us to present it in the most practical and aesthetic way possible. “

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