Back in the 1980s the famous British engineer Rupert Neve helped to start the professional audio company Focusrite.

The Skinny: These days you don’t have to be Sir George Martin or Dave Grohl to enjoy Focusrite’s products, as its mic pres, consoles and audio interfaces are available at a range of price points.

The Specs: Adding to its line of Saffire products, the U.K.-based company has announced its Saffire PRO 26 audio interface that provides users a choice of connection options and the ability to record high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz files.

Highlighting some of the Saffire PRO 26’s features: 18 inputs and eight outputs; four preamps, two instrument inputs, two headphone outputs, six line inputs and ADAT and S/PDIF connections.

Focusrite says users can connect the interface to their computers via Thunderbolt or FireWire 800, and that these connectivity options provide users with the peace-of-mind that the interface will be viable for whatever format comes down the road.

Focusrite also points out the foundation of the interface is its preamp technologies, which provide full dynamic range with low distortion to allow users to record drums and guitar amps running wide open without hassle. The Saffire facilitates 24-bit/96kHz recordings with low jitter through the use of JetPLL jitter elimination technologies, and in mobile situations the unit is small enough to pack up and carry to allow users to benefit from its audio qualities in studio and live environments.

Solutions: The Saffire PRO 26 interface from Focusrite can be used by recording professionals and musicians in studio and live environments to capture high-resolution audio.

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