Factory’s Dolby Atmos Mix For Vue Cinemas Estimated To Be Viewed Over 37 Million Times A Year

Working with advertising agency Joint and director Rama Allen at The Mill+, Factory sound designers Anthony Moore and Phil Bolland were tasked with creating an immersive sound-scape utilising Dolby Atmos technology in Factory’s purpose built Dolby Atmos suite.

The film was delivered nationwide to Vue cinemas in Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1. with the 7.1 and 5.1 mixes accurately created using the Dolby Atmos re-render technology of the RMU.

‘This Is Not A Cinema’ is designed to highlight Vue’s leadership in event cinema. The film forms part of Vue’s in-cinema experience and will be played before every film, in every screen, at every Vue location nationwide. It’s estimated the film will be viewed over 37 million times each year.

Factory Dolby Atmos studios

“Every sequence of the film is designed to immerse you in what Vue has to offer as a cinema,” explains Factory founding partner and creative director, Anthony Moore. “From the outset of this project, we set about designing our sounds so that they would fully utilise the creative possibilities offered by mixing in Dolby Atmos. We wanted to make the cinema audience have a physical reaction to the sound. We wanted them not only to hear it, but to feel it.”

Working with the music track ‘The Rift’ by Solomon Grey, Factory was able to create a bespoke mix of the track in Dolby Atmos using the music stems.

Vue Cinemas Dolby Atmos

“The Solomon Grey track was a perfect choice for this project,” Anthony continues. “It’s a beautiful wash of warm pads that simply sounds wonderful when mixed in Dolby Atmos. We specifically started the music in the rear speakers and slowly brought the lush pads forward and over the heads of the audience as the track revealed itself to the room. It immediately got the ‘hairs on the back of the neck’ tingling and was a really fresh way to open the film.”

Ben Firth, Factory’s head of technical oversaw the final delivery. “It was imperative for this project that the audience experienced the full impact of our Atmos mix regardless of the in-cinema surround sound setup,” he says. “Being able to utilise the re-rendering tools available through the Dolby RMU allowed us to smoothly manage the delivery of the 7.1 and 5.1 mixes without compromising the integrity of our original Atmos mix.”

Vue Cinemas Dolby Atmos

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