Extron Electronics has announced the acquisition of Entwine AG of Zurich, Switzerland.

Entwine utilises open source technologies such as OpenCast Matterhorn, HTML5 and WebRTC to produce presentation software.

The company is known for building end-to-end video capture and presentation capture solutions, something Extron is hoping to capitalise on with this acquisition

With decades worth of real-world experience designing and developing a wide range of video capture and distribution solutions across various networks, Extron is hoping that the Entwine team will be an asset to its existing software development team.

“Entwine has proven expertise developing software for enterprise-scale presentation capture systems, including Europe’s largest lecture capture system at the University of Manchester in the UK, which involves over 300 classrooms,” says Andrew Edwards, president of Extron.

“With this acquisition, we are excited to add a software engineering group with many years of expertise in the field of network based presentation capture systems to Extron’s industry leading engineering team.”

In a joint statement, Andy Wasklewicz and Tobias Wunden, founders of Entwine said, “Extron is the market leader for AV systems products and with the SMP 351 Streaming Media Processor, they have set a new standard for high performance streaming and recording hardware.

“We are excited to join the Extron team and are thrilled at the opportunity to offer customers end-to-end presentation capture solutions that leverage the strength of our combined hardware and software technologies.”

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