As a result of its extensive redevelopment, the Kingspan Stadium’s capacity has grown from 11,000 to 18,000 and will host the semi-finals and the final of this year’s Women’s Rugby World Cup in August.

Ulster Rugby wanted to ensure that the in-stadium experience it provides its visitors matches the high-quality rugby being played on the pitch, so it integrated digital signage into its already deployed Exterity IP video system.

One of the main upgrades has included addition of ArtioSign, Exterity’s integrated digital signage solution which will ensure live and recorded video is delivered to reception stands, lounge areas, bars and corporate hospitality areas.

The same system will help to build atmosphere and deliver information with pre-match footage, adverts, tickets, upcoming events, social media feeds to visitors as well as tailored messages for corporate guests and information about nutrition and training sessions for players.

Combining digital signage with IP video is an increasingly popular choice amongst stadia and sporting events with Exterity already providing similar systems for Golf’s The Open, Royal Randwick Racecourse in Australia, football stadium belonging to TSG Hoffenheim and PSV Eindhoven as well being the primary provider of IP video solutions for the 2016 UEFA Euros.

Commercial teams have more control over merchandising

Passing the test

Already a customer of Exterity’s IP video system, the addition of integrated digital signage now enables Ulster Rugby to deliver live match footage combined with tailored visitor information and promotional advertisements to screens throughout the stadium.

The ground’s development has been supported by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure Northern Ireland (DCAL), allowing the club to increase its capacity via the construction of three new stands in an effort to become one of the premier rugby venues in Europe.

The Exterity IP video system was deployed by systems integrator Eurotek and enables Ulster Rugby to encode live match camera feeds and stream them internally – alongside TV channels, including BBC News and BT Sport, to 96 screens around the venue.

Eurotek is one of the market leaders in the design, supply, installation and integration of AV communications equipment in Ireland. In addition to providing digital signage to a range of clients in Ireland and abroad, Eurotek also delivers meeting room automation, video conferencing and content creation.

ArtioSign, Exterity’s integrated digital signage solution is used to engage fans and maximize revenue throughout the stadium, with screens located in the stands, corporate hospitality boxes, lounge and bar areas.

Managed by the commercial team, the integrated signage and IPTV screens display pre-match footage and information, sponsorship and promotional merchandise adverts, tickets, upcoming events, match replays and social media feeds, all through rotating signage screens. The corporate lounge area is used for meetings and conferences on non-match days, with Exterity’s ArtioSign digital signage able to deliver tailored messages for corporate customers. In the clubs gym, the system is able to deliver information about nutrition and training sessions for the players.

Adrian McDonagh, IT manager at Ulster Rugby, says: “Extending our existing Exterity IP video system with digital signage was a natural step and has enabled us to combine high-quality video with sponsorship adverts, match information and RSS feeds.

“We like that we can manage the entire solution from a central point and can easily deliver the right content to the right screen. The drag-and-drop graphical editor makes it easy for the commercial team to create and update signage before each match or event.”

Adrian Back, technical sales and business development manager with Eurotek, adds: “Eurotek was delighted to be selected by Ulster Rugby to supply digital signage to the Kingspan Stadium. We proposed the Exterity IP video system as we knew it was capable of meeting the high technological standards required by the client. We’re highly satisfied with the end result and will be recommending Exterity IP video and digital signage technologies to our future clients.”

The Exterity integrated IP video and digital signage solutions for stadiums will be demonstrated at the Stadium Business Summit (June 22-23, at Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland).

Kit List

The Exterity system at Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium comprises

  • AvediaStream TVgateway
  • AvediaStream Encoder
  • AvediaServer central management platform
  • AvediaPlayer Receiver set-top boxes
  • ArtioSign Digital Signage


Corporate areas can host match-day and non-match day events

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