Chief, supplier of high-quality AV mounting solutions, will be available as of August at Exertis UK bringing a new level of professional mounting solutions to support these display technologies and deployments, says the distributor.

Exertis partners with 1,400 emerging and global technology brands and over 50,000 resellers, e-commerce operators and retailers across Europe. The Exertis businesses are located across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

“Exertis has established itself as a successful partner in other countries in Europe and it makes a lot of sense in continuing this partnership in the UK”, says Andy Graham, UK & Ireland Sales Manager for Legrand AV (parent company of Chief).

“Exertis is a leading distributor for some of the main flat panel brands in the UK and Chief offers a wide range of mounting solutions for these and other models and brands. This combination builds the value that we collectively can offer to a wide range of vertical markets”.

As of the first of now, the Chief product range will be available via the Exertis sales channel. For more information on Chief and the wide range of products for professional mounting.

Click here for more information on Exertis and see the full range of Chief products here

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