Epson projectors for PetPlace!

PetPlace is a hub for animal lovers and their furry companions, based in Abergele, North Wales which has embraced Epson projector technology.

This destination store acts as the ultimate spot for people to drop in and stock up on everything they could possibly want for their pet – even offering self-service dog washing facilities.

Pet spend is at an all-time high in the UK, with pet super stores springing up all around the country. For its part, during the last 12 months, PetPlace has experienced a significant revamp, providing the store with a modern new look and more pet supplies than ever before.

As part of the £1.3m renovation, an extension was built onto the existing store to house a 4,000 square ft cinema complex that could be enjoyed by both humans and their pets.

Facilitating four-legged friends

The idea behind the pet cinema was that it would provide a space for dogs and their owners to come together and enjoy movie nights on the big screen.

PetPlace is a superstore with suspended ceilings and bright lights, which is not an ideal backdrop for film screenings. Consequently, finding the right tools to facilitate the cinema was fundamental to it being a success, as well as making it suitable for both humans and animals.

PetPlace also needed a tidy, ‘fit and forget’ projector solution that would be reliable and have minimal running costs which also wouldn’t impact the business’s bottom line.

PetPlace turned to installers QuantumAV to find an effective method of transforming its dream dog cinema into a reality.

“It was clear that PetPlace needed a solution that could be up and running in minutes. With its high-rise ceilings and limited distance from the wall to display, a short throw projector was essential. The most suitable projector needed to be an ultra-short throw laser projector, and the Epson EH-LS100 appeared to be the perfect fit,” says Andrew Katsouris at QuantumAV.

The LS-100 can be placed close to the display area and still create an image of up to 130in, enabling users to enjoy the images without any distortion.

Also, being a laser projector, no lamps are required, so from a maintenance perspective, the unit is ideal for a hassle-free installation.

Visitors to the pet cinema are treated to screenings in 4,000 lumens – a bright enough projection to make films easily watchable in ambient light. The projector’s long-lasting light source enables PetPlace to screen films for the next 10 years for five hours a day.

Sion Pritchard, Managing Director, says of the install, “We looked at several options for the space before deciding to do something unique, something no other pet store in the UK has done before. Cinemas and theatres have allowed dog owners in to watch movies for one-off events, but this is different, it is a facility designed for dogs and their owners all-year round.”

Creating a unique experience

Now, PetPlace provides a community hub where pet parents can come in to socialise their dogs and spend quality time together.

Using an Epson projector, the store streams pet-related films, including titles such as The Secret Life of Pets and Beethoven, for dogs and humans alike.

With 40 deckchairs for pet owners and dog beds for up to 50 canines, dog-lovers can enjoy an evening with their best friend in a relaxed and immersive environment.

During the day, PetPlace uses the space for talks and presentations. PetPlace has also opened up the space with the potential to hire it out to anyone who can make use of the area and its Epson projector.

The cinema can be used by others including vets, suppliers and industry professionals. It has become a genuine multi-purpose space that can be enjoyed by furry friends and humans alike.

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