ZeeVee, Inc will be demonstrating the latest enhancements to its ZyPer Management Platform at ISE 2020 on both 10-N197. The platform is an easy-to-use video distribution control system for the pro AV arena for the manufacturer’s ZyPer4K, ZyPerUHD and ZyPerHD product lines and the ZyPer4K Quad Encoder Card for Netgear M4300-96X (formerly ZyPer4K HDMI Module).

Among the ZyPer Management Platform 2.1 newest features is a video preview function (demonstrated here) that makes it easier to identify content before it is routed to any endpoint in the system. This is particularly useful for live productions and venues such as restaurants where content needs to change regularly. Also, a new multiview text overlay function enables users to add varied descriptions, custom labels and branding simultaneously over onscreen video delivered to multiple monitors.

“From the beginning, the ZyPer Management Platform has been a key differentiator for us in the pro AV marketplace,” saysRob Muddiman, EMEA sales director, ZeeVee. “Our latest updates go deeper into providing integrators and end-users with the intuitive controls they need at every step of installing, calibrating and managing systems.”

Additional features of ZyPer Management Platform 2.1 include simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) reports to monitor system configuration and status, the ability to add ZyPer encoders and decoders not located on the VLAN to an AV system, and the ability to enable or disable Telnet access, as desired, for added security.

According to integrators and end-users at large corporations, universities, medical facilities, museums and other organisations, the ZyPer Management Platform user interface has been a major factor in their selecting ZeeVee AVoIP solutions for their AV needs.  

“With our first deployment of AVoIP, it was crucial for us to have a simple, intuitive GUI for technicians to understand the system topology and manage the 150+ endpoints remotely,” enthuses Matt North, learning spaces technology manager, University of East Anglia. “ZeeVee’s management platform allows us to do exactly that, meeting our end-user requirements for joins that may not be programmed into our third-party control system and allowing us to troubleshoot the system before escalating any networking issues to our networking team.” 

“ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform is remarkable at simplifying the installation and support required for any AVoIP deployment,” adds Steve Royans, sales director, Snelling Business Systems. “Just ask our engineers who delivered the world’s first endoscopic installation at the Quadram Institute in Norwich, England, entirely on AVoIP to Europe’s largest 4K HDR10+ over 10GB fiber network. Rapid deployment and hassle-free roll-out is possible when we have the tools to do all the heavy lifting.”

ZeeVee’s regular updates to its ZyPer Management Platform provide integrators and end-users using ZeeVee components with extra value at no additional cost. ZeeVee provided a glimpse at the ZyPer Management Platform’s road map for the second quarter of this year that includes an expanded multiview capability—for the monitoring of up to 20 videos from the current nine. This update will also enable users to create presets for any API command and then schedule them via a defined set of commands. An unlimited number of schedules can be set up per preset. 

In addition, a custom multiview editor will be compatible with a wider array of video sizes and the company plans to release an enhanced grid layout providing more columns and flexibility, intuitive tabs and filtering, column selection, drag and drop functionality, and the exporting and importing of information.

“With all its new sophisticated features, the ZyPer Management Platform remains true to its key selling point of supporting simple system configuration enabling AV over IP installations to be completed in hours – not days. It’s this system design and ease-of-use that generates the greatest buzz from our partners and end-users,” concludes Muddiman.

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