NSG Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems and given the dangerous conditions some of its scientists find themselves in, it was in desperate need of having a reliable lone worker protection system in place.

At the company’s R&D facilities and European Technical Centre and product assembly plant in Lathom in the UK, the company turned to Eaton to provide that protection.

In Lathom NSG Group has eight purpose-built laboratories for scientists to carry out work including the development of new glass and glazing products, online coating technology, photovoltaic glass substrates, fire protection glazing and glass quality inspection technology.

The work carried out in these laboratories involves the use of hazardous chemicals that could have serious consequences in the event of an accident.

Often there will be single scientists lone working for lengthy periods of time. Therefore, if something happens to incapacitate a scientist, other staff at the facility must be alerted immediately so that the appropriate action can be taken.

NSG Group decided to introduce a new personal protection system for its scientists and other lone workers.

Dave Evans, senior design engineer, had heard positive reports about Eaton’s lone worker protection systems and contacted the company to arrange a site visit.

After gaining a thorough understanding of the needs of the facility Eaton’s security systems specialist, Luke Turton, offered his recommendations.

Each scientist now wears an Eaton 706r lone worker transmitter, which can be worn on a belt. The effects of chemical inhalation can be immediate and the 706r has an integral tilt switch, which means that the button does not need to be pressed to send an alert, as it can tell if a person falls to the ground unconscious.

Once an alert has been sent it goes through to a Scantronic i-on160EX alarm panel. This not only sounds an alarm but also displays on the keypad exactly where the person is.

The i-on160EX alarm panel’s wide radio range, remote display keypad and built-in future flexibility means that the system can be expanded in years to come.

With Eaton’s advice, NSG Group ordered the components and installed the system.

The system was relatively straightforward to configure by NSG Group’s professional electrical team, but any technical queries were resolved with help from Eaton’s telephone based team of experts.

Although this added layer of security provides NSG Group’s scientists with significant peace of mind that if the worst does happen, assistance will soon be on hand.

“Keeping those working in NSG Group’s research and development laboratories safe when dealing with hazardous chemicals has been made a great deal more effective thanks to the implementation of a lone worker protection system from Eaton,” Dave Evans concludes.

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