The easescreen eSign room reservation system is being presented as a complete solution.

The supplementation of the easescreen eSign server software with proprietary digital door plates ensures optimum room administration, efficient utilisation and time and cost savings for companies along with increased quality for visitors and participants, says the maker.

easescreen is presented as a scalable digital signage solution with an intuitive and user-friendly operating interface.

With easescreen, target audience-oriented, multimedia content can be created, planned and distributed for any number of displays on an individual basis.

Content can be controlled from a user’s own workplace as well as via iPads, iPhones, tablets and smartphones.

The easescreen component eSign has been specially developed for room bookings, visitor information and an orientation system.

eSign ensures automatic real-time updates and energy-efficient and virtually low-maintenance operation.

The software is compatible with all conventional database types and booking systems.

The door displays are available in three sizes, seven, ten or fifteen inches and in every RAL colour.

Thanks to red or green background lighting, those looking for rooms can see from afar whether the conference room is occupied or free.

Additional information on the displays shows who has booked, how long the conference lasts and where the next appropriate free room can be found.

It can be directly booked on the screen via touchscreen, in the same manner in which the user can extend or cancel the current meeting.

Individual input data are immediately synchronised to the eSign server with which the room reservation system is always up to date.

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