At the Rosebar Lounge, club management has taken the liberty to create an exciting atmosphere where the best drinks and an inspired decor create a feeling of unlimited possibility. This attitude certainly extends to its audio system, which was recently upgraded to include loudspeakers drawn from the E11EVEN Sound series by DAS Audio.

Willy-Tech Services of Miami, FL, in close coordination with DAS Audio, combined their expertise to develop a sound reinforcement system capable of delivering the high energy atmosphere that makes the Rosebar Lounge a must-visit destination when in the Washington D.C. area. Lead engineer and owner/operator Guillermo Rodriguez handled the installation together with DAS Audio’s John Fiorito and Geovanni Ortiz.

“The Rosebar Lounge has a 1500 square foot dance space and VIP Lounge area, with a capacity for roughly 200 people, along with a 2000 square foot heated outside patio area with a bar that can accommodate another 300 people. The venue host both live music and DJs. It was critically important that the new sound system be capable of delivering high impact sound and, without a doubt, the E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio setup that John Fiorito penned does just that!”, Guillermo explains.

For the main room, Fiorito specified four E11EVEN Sound ES-10 two-way point source loudspeakers. To provide low frequency support, these are augmented by eight E11EVEN Sound ES-212 compact bass-reflex subwoofers. At the DJ booth, the setup includes two E11EVEN Sound ES-10 two-way point source loudspeakers, along with an ESBR18 passive direct radiation subwoofer. Power amplification is handled by E11EVEN Sound EP-14K2 2-channel power amplifiers with 8800W per amplifier.

“The ES-212 subwoofers provide a very warm, articulate punch. The dual 12in enclosures are placed under the VIP seating throughout the inside lounge space. The ES-212 subs have a small footprint and are easily hidden, but they have a powerful presence and people have responded very favorably to the sound they produce”, adds Guillermo.

Out on the patio, with its new state-of-the-art retractable roof, the audio setup includes eight ARTEC-312.96 compact two-way full-range loudspeakers, which are augmented by five E11EVEN Sound ESBR218 high-power passive subwoofers. According to Rodriguez, “This combination of loudspeakers provides great coverage and terrific audio quality throughout the entire area.”

“The entire DAS Audio team is a pleasure to work with,” Guillermo continues. “Not only do they understand the complexities and logistics involved in today’s high-end installations, but they also recognise the importance of being involved with their dealers to keep a project on schedule. The DAS team is hard to beat.” Oscar Guardado, Owner and general manager of the Rosebar Lounge also offers his thoughts, “The new DAS Audio sound system is nothing short of terrific. It sounds awesome and has made a huge impact on our customers. There is a new energy level that permeates every corner of the venue – and that keeps our customers dancing and socialising like never before.”

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