Check out stand 6H132 to discover serious expansion to Draper, Inc’s optically Seamless TecVision screens, which are now available up to 23 feet high.

TecVision screens were introduced to deliver higher performance based around wider viewing cones, lower and more consistent gloss levels for less distortion and deliver cost savings due to projects being able to be specified with a less bright projector.

“When we introduced TecVision we limited the sizes to 15 feet in viewing height because 15 feet was the largest we could provide without traditional seams,” says Bob Mathes, AV Video sales and marketing manager for Draper, Inc. “We decided that we should leverage our seaming expertise along with our state of the art TecVision technology to come up with a way to make bigger surfaces.”

Instead of using traditional seams, or taking the very expensive approach of having a seamless substrate, Draper took a different approach.

“We decided to fuse a base substrate which resulted in a flatter base material with a stronger weld,” says Bob. “With the ideal substrate perfected we could then use our TecVision formulation process to create a perfect and optically seamless viewing surface.”

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