“Immersive sound is definitely the future standard for commercial cinemas,” says Cédric Aubert, who explains how CineDigitalService installed a permanent Dolby Atmos sound system for Cinéma L’Olympia, which is used as part of Cannes’ annual Marché du Film.

Marché du Film is a big deal in the film industry, serving as the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival – one of the largest film markets in the world. Established in 1959, it is held annually in conjunction with the Festival de Cannes and last week welcomed more than 11,900 participants to the 2016 edition.

Since its inauguration in 1946, the Festival de Cannes has always celebrated passion for film and following the success of the Festival de Cannes in the 1950s, the Marché du Film was formed in 1959 to help meet the needs of film industry professionals.

As part of the Marché du Film, special sessions are held exclusively for producers, directors, festival programmers, sales agents and other film industry professionals including the Producers Network and Producers Workshop.

The first Marché du Film in 1959 was a modest affair which saw a few dozen participants attend one screening room constructed out of fabric stretched across the top of the old Palais Croisette. Fast-forward to 2016 and it’s hard to conceive that the once tiny event has grown into the international event it is today – conceived, organised and planned around one goal: the successful production of all films.

These days the Marché is known to attract 10,000 participants who use the environment to debut and discover almost 4,000 films and projects across 34 screening rooms. In fact, a total 118 countries were represented this year.

Although good for nostalgic purposes, a makeshift screen and screening room would no longer do for such a prestigious event, leading event organisers to reach out to Festival de Cannes’ technical partner, Dolby, in order to facilitate a permanent installation of Dolby Atmos at Cinéma L’Olympia which is used as part of Cannes’ annual Marché du Film.

Marché du Film

Working in conjunction with CineDigitalService’s Marseille agency, CinemaTelecService, a permanent system was designed and installed at the cinema.

“Ciné Digital Service is the leading historical cinema integrator in France with six offices around the country,” explains Cédric Aubert, deputy CEO of Cine Digital Service.

Subsidiaries were founded in the 1950s, each boasting vast experience in the commercial cinema market. Not to mention CineDigitalService is also a founding member of UNITIA, the biggest theatre integrator associations in Europe with more than 9,000 screens installed.

“We have been working with cinema L’Olympia for many years,” says Cédric. “The owner of the cinema asked us to handle every aspect of the refurbishing of auditorium 1. As a matter of fact, when converting to Dolby Atmos sound, the auditorium was completely renovated, from the carpet to the ceiling.”

CinemaTelecService was responsible for completing the Dolby Atmos install at Cinéma L’Olympia in time for the 69th Festival de Cannes, installing 47 DK Audio speakers (including bi-amp screen speakers), which is actually more than is recommended by Dolby.

“The customer chose the best quality equipment for the speakers and amplifiers; DK Audio is a French brand working in conjunction with the most famous festivals, including the Cannes festival. Special care was also taken for the acoustic design of the room, especially the wall covering.”

Cédric points out that auditorium 1 in Cinema Olympia has a very low ceiling, making it a challenge to integrate the ceiling speakers.

“However, my favourite part is definitely the high quality sound render,” he enthuses. “The Dolby Atmos experience is really the new way to listen to movies and I think the customer has the same opinion: it is the best sound he has ever listened to!”

Cédric comments that “undoubtedly, the number of Dolby Atmos installations in France is increasing. Immersive sound is definitely the future standard for commercial cinemas. We have performed many Dolby Atmos installations in France and every one is unique. Our team of engineers work closely with Dolby on the architecture, the certification and the installation stage to be sure to achieve the best Dolby Atmos experience.”

The theatre’s new sound system gives production houses the opportunity to showcase their films in a premium audio experience.

Indeed, since the install has been completed, audiences have been able to enjoy Captain America: Civil WarBatman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Jungle Book and X-Men: Apocalypse in Dolby Atmos at Cinéma L’Olympia.

“We are proud to support Festival de Cannes once again as an official Technical Partner,” adds Andreas Spechtler, president of Dolby International at Dolby Laboratories. “With the permanent installation of Dolby Atmos at Cinéma L’Olympia, audiences will be able to hear films to the artist’s intent, with lifelike sound that flows all around them delivering a superior entertainment experience.”

“We are also very proud to have finalised the Dolby Atmos installation before the opening of Cannes Festival and the Marché du Film,” Cédric smiles. “In fact, it is the first Dolby Atmos installation in the city of Cannes.”

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