Billed as the world’s largest optical front projection screen, the Supernova XL is available as a single screen solution, providing an image area of up to 5.3m x 3.0m (or up to 240in in 16:9).

At ISE dnp will also present new frame colour options for the Supernova XL and the Supernova XL on display will be fitted with ‘White Sand’ (dnp’s new white frame).

dnp will also put its 110in Supernova Blade Screen up against a conventional white screen material, by way of a split screen comparison.

The idea is to enable customers to undertake their own evaluation and see the advantages of an optical front projection screen against a conventional white front projection screen.

dnp is also using the show to demonstrate two exciting new high contrast front projection screens being shown in prototype form, to address short throw projection applications.

The first screen (with 0.9 gain) is for single lens projector use and is in effect an improved version of the existing Supernova STS Screen with higher gain, a new frame and new mounting method.

The second, high contrast screen is built on a lenticular structure and is designed for edge-blending.

This screen represents a new optical screen material, purpose designed for Ultra Short Throw projectors.

With a maximum height of 1.5 metres it offers unlimited width making it a strong option for applications requiring a wider display, such as smaller control rooms, simulation, information displays and video conference.

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