UK based distributor, Habitech, perhaps best known for its supply into the domestic installation market, like many of its customers, is branching out into commercial projects and products.

A brand that the company has a long relationship with is Sonance and the speaker maker is also no offering some interesting solutions for commercial spaces in the form of the Sonance Professional Series, a range of 70V/100V/8ohm selectable in-ceiling, pendant and surface mount speakers sharing consistent design and voicing.

Engineered for low distortion, wide dispersion and reliability, the Pro Series in-ceiling, pendant and surface mount models are available in a mix of 4in, 6.5in, 8in two-way configurations, supported by 8in woofer models.

The speakers feature a custom-made full-fidelity transformer for high-quality 70V/100V performance, a convenient front-mounted tap selector for easy adjustment, heavy duty voice coils for reliability at high SPL, high excursion woofers for bass extension and chambered 1in tweeters (pivoting for in-ceiling and pendant designs) for precie HF detail and superb off-axis performance.

Offered in paintable black or white with one-piece bezel-less grilles (in-ceiling/pendant), the Pro Series shapes up to blend in for seamless coordination with room design.

Integrated and on-wall options are also available


Lighting the way

The slim pendant speakers utilise a minimal design similar to pendant lighting. Their integrated top cover hides the hanging hardware and wiring connector for a smart finish. The speakers also come with hanging kits that include two 15in stainless steel suspension cables with snap hook and two Gripple hangers to ensure a safe and secure installation.

If hanging is not required or appropriate, the in-ceiling option comes into its own offering a square grille in black or white, which allows the speakers to match the aesthetic of square downlights and HVAC grilles. A sealed metal back-box ensures high audio quality while incorporating secure cable/conduit clamping and a swing-door connector cover for easier installation.

A surface mount option is also available, featuring Sonance’s Fast-Mount bracket and front cable connection to speed up the installation process while preserving a minimal wall profile on inside or outside surfaces. The units also feature all-weather construction and powder coated flush-fitting aluminium grille.

Fine-tuning the coverage for any space is facilitated via the EASE Address software now pre-loaded with all Pro Series models. Installers import the floor plan, define zones and dimensions, select the speakers and power and the software generates an SPL heat map of the space which can be adjusted for ideal results. EASE address links are available from the Habitech or Sonance sites.

The Sonance Professional Series is backed by Habitech’s commitment to regular hands-on training, readily available stock, industry-leading pre and post-sales support and system specification.

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