Retailers and installers can now utilise the DisplayMapper software for creating and managing 3D projection mappings.

DisplayMapper is a 3D projection mapping and content management system. Until today, the use of projection mapping (the art of ‘mapping’ projected animations on to 3D products and spaces without screens or devices) has been limited to specialists.

With DisplayMapper’s brand new digital platform any business, regardless of size or expertise, can create projection mapped displays that wrap around products and in-store spaces at the touch of a button.

DisplayMapper is the brainchild of Projection Artworks – one of the UK’s leading 3D projection and interactive experiences studios that has become a driving force in retail projection displays after creating showstoppers like Harrods’ Faberge installation.

Projection Artworks developed DisplayMapper for retailers that want to recreate this type of next-generation ‘magic’ on a smaller and more affordable scale.

The studio hopes that DisplayMapper will breathe new life into retail display by merging both the physical (the projection surface) and the digital (the animated content). The platform even offers projection mapping templates to help retailers augment their projection content to fit around any in-store object or feature.

Previewed at ISE in partnership with Optoma, DisplayMapper is the world’s first cloud-based content distribution, projector control and display system with a full 3D video-mapping engine.

Working from the cloud means DisplayMapper campaigns can be syndicated across a network of retail stores, whilst being scheduled and updated remotely via the DisplayMapper App. What’s more, DisplayMapper completely simplifies the installation process because no cables are needed to either control the system or link to a display. Instead, the system merely requires a connection to the Internet and then operates wirelessly.

Projection Artworks and DisplayMapper managing director, Tom Burch, notes: “DisplayMapper is a low-cost, turnkey technology solution that can help any retailer – big or small – create truly engaging project mapped displays. By merging video mapping, content management and projection control into one unit, DisplayMapper does for projection mapping what digital signage did for LCD screens 10 years ago.

“All that’s needed is a low-cost Android player, a projector and a web browser. What’s more, campaigns can be monitored remotely via a USB camera. At the risk of coming across a little grandiose, this technology has the potential to democratise the art of projection mapping.”

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