Digital Artist Charles Sandison Paints A Picture With BenQ

Projection technology from BenQ is at the centre of an art installation by world-renowned digital artist Charles Sandison, showcased at the HdM GALLERY in central London.

The exhibition entitled The Tyranny of Language, is a collection of digital artworks by the artist which reveal the transformative effects of light and language, evolving as the structures that form the words, multiply in many different languages.

Charles has employed Artificial Intelligence to create language that interacts with itself, in a thought experiment. The temporary installation at The HdM GALLERY, a leading contemporary gallery with a special focus on Contemporary Chinese Art, features eight TH67ST projectors integrated into the gallery space, each with individual media players.

Hadrien De Montferrand, director, HdM GALLERY, comments, “To showcase the works of Charles Sandison with the support of BenQ projectors is an honour for the gallery. As a space which has a focus on promoting the work of Asian artists, having technology from a Korean manufacturer which has been specifically selected by a European artist is fantastic. Visitors to the exhibition have of course been enticed by Sandison’s works, but have had no distractions from the projectors themselves. The short throw projection has operated exceptionally well in the gallery space.” 

The exhibition showcased from 6th September to 25th October 2019.

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